"We who have cast ourselves are the ones who have truly lost everything. But we will not be defeated."
—Varcadia, in her introduction
SC Varcadia
Varcadia IX
Character Type: Marksman
Origin: Angel Ataraxia: Defeat

Varcadia IX is a character in Dissidia Calamitas Infinita NT, originating from Angel Ataraxia and its prequel story Defeat. The Nightkin High Priestess of the Cosmo Church, a futuristic organization dedicated to worship of the Goddess and her rebellious children, the legendary Nine Heroes. At age 90 (~30 in human years), she is the ninth progenitor of the Church's more-than-2000-year plot to genetically engineer a Tyrant incarnation, and the first successful one in her bloodline.

A skilled sharpshooter blessed with the magic of a Tyrant incarnation, she battles with her oversized rifle and unique "Thousand Vessel Possessioner" ability that allows her to position and manipulate magical projections of herself.


"...Have you felt it? Timelessness? Even a fraction of it? ...We despise you. Truly we do. But even that, we would not wish upon your soul. Not ever. It is a horrid, horrid thing. And all of our eight siblings... we know they, too, suffer like this. And as it began - when we discovered destiny - please know that we chose this path, from the very beginning, for freedom. For salvation. So that none may have to suffer again."
—Varcadia, speaking to [REDACTED]

Prideful, aloof, often sad or melancholic. Refers to herself as "we". Though pious, generous, and loving in her first life, many lifetimes of reincarnation and grueling genetic manipulation has warped Varcadia into a being overcome with fatalism, melancholy, and despair. But though she does manipulate in order to achieve her goals and plan for the eventual end of all life through use of Tyrant powers, she truthfully acts out of pity for her fellow Tyrants cursed with immortality.


High Priestess Varcadia was thirty-six years old when her eyes first began to glow with golden light, but by then she had lived for almost two thousand years. The first Varcadia had accepted the invitation from the Order La Dolore out of faith and love for the Goddess, who gave her eyesight only to her most favored children. The third Varcadia lived to watch her children die. The fourth heard voices that claimed to be from herself. The seventh knew the Goddess gave her eyes only to those she hated, even before the voices told her. The eighth ended her generations-long isolation from the public eye and began to call all those born with golden eyes to rest at her sanctuary, where she promised an end to the curse of reincarnation.

The ninth Varcadia pledged to be the last.

In Angel Ataraxia, she gathers Tyrants and Rosaries alike under the pretext of protecting and guiding them. Her true goal is to awaken them to their powers and trigger the prophesized "Sorrows" that will trigger the return of the Goddess and the end of the universe, which will allow Varcadia to finally die permanently.


Varcadia appears as a Nightkin woman in her biological prime, standing well over 7 feet tall with charcoal-black skin and especially luminescent eyes. Just as all Nightkin, she is mostly humanoid with elongated limbs and horns that give her an extra sense of awareness, especially in the dark. Her violet horns, owing to her genetically optimized bloodline and high social status, are exceptionally tall and ornate, easily growing over a foot above the crown of her brow and even curving, which is a sign of particular bloodline strength. She has Tyrant-gold eyes that are generally kept closed or narrowed except in darkness, when they open wide on reflex.


  • Powerless Priestess I - Default. Varcadia wears a fairly simple tight white outfit with a white and violet tabard over it that sports large shoulder pauldron-decorations. White with violet accents. Her horns fade from black to purple.
  • Powerless Priestess II - 2nd coloration. All gray and white variant. Her horns fade from black to white.
  • Plastic Priestess I - Alternate. Varcadia dons a typical spacefaring Normal suit with extra padding on the shoulders and layers of satin drapes falling from her waist. Black and white in coloration. Her horns fade from black to red.
  • Plastic Priestess II - 2nd coloration. Palette swap to red and violet color scheme. Her horns fade from black to yellow.
  • Perpetual Priestess I - Alternate. Varcadia dons a loose-fitting white robe tied around her thin waist. Her hair is much longer, and her very long sleeves trail on the floor behind her.
  • Perpetual Priestess II - 2nd coloration. Palette swap to all black. Her horns fade from black to red.


Varcadia wields an extremely long-barreled beam rifle with a bayonet. As she specializes in the use of her Tyrant magic, it is largely ceremonial, but has some use in her moveset.

  • Mirage - A beam rifle plated in rare cosmic ivory from the Valley of Dust on planet Sevenless. It is pure white and longer than Varcadia is tall, and sports a bayonet the length of a normal human's arm.
  • Tower - A pure black beam rifle. Recolor of Mirage.
  • Emperor - A rifle wrought in gold. Has a red flag trailing from the back of the stock.


  • Character Level 10: Ninth Angel
  • Offline Crystal Rank: Thousandth Vessel
  • 100 Ranked Wins: All-Seeing Horned Hero
  • 500 Ranked Wins: Seven Less than Eternal
  • 1000 Ranked Wins: Possessioner

Musical ThemesEdit

Rival ThemesEdit

  • VS S-Eyu or Ragya-Vara: GOODBYE MYSELF, originally "Phantasmagorical Secret Spiral"


Type: Marksman
Gimmick: Thousand Vessel

Known as "the most powerless", Varcadia is notable for her moveset that generally avoids doing "damage" in a traditional sense. Though she does battle with a rifle and bayonet, she makes more use of her magic than the rifle. Her moveset is fairly simple and range-focused, but her real use comes from the skilled use of the Possessioner EX Skill that summons stationary clones of her that can mimic her in various attacks. Not only that, but she can switch places with a Vessel and quickly escape the range of enemies (with some cooldown). Strategic and constant use of as many Vessels as possible can lead to an incredibly chaotic battlefield that enemies will struggle to stay unscathed in, let alone track Varcadia down to hinder her.


Move Type Input Priority Effect
Possessioner EX-Skill Triangle-button
A multi-function attack. Varcadia's eyes glow as she takes a step forward, leaving behind an ethereal golden-hued shadow of herself that remains stationary for 15 seconds. Can be repeated up to 9 times. For some attacks, the "Vessels" perform the same actions as Varcadia, but all resulting attacks fire straight forward and are not aimed. The Vessels can be destroyed by HP or Brave attacks, but only if specifically locked-on and targeted. By holding the EX Skill input button, Varcadia switches places with the last Vessel she placed *.


Move Type Input Priority Effect
Lunar Procession Ground Circle-button Melee
Two tall and thin ethereal swords appear in front of Varcadia, impaling the ground before swiping upward, sending enemies into the air. Distance away from her of the appearing weapons can be increased by holding the input button. Once the swords appear, Varcadia is free to move during the attack. Mashing the input button before she is freed causes the swords to attack more than once.
Assyria Separate Ground ↑+Circle-button
Varcadia lowers her beam rifle, aims it at the enemy, and fires. A quick, standard attack if the input is tapped; if held, she fires a wide, continuous beam that lasts (and whose aim can be moved) for up to 5 seconds of continuous damage. The held version takes longer to start. All Possessioner Vessels will also fire (straight forward only, tapped variant only).
Sundial Knight Ground ↓+Circle-button Ranged
With eyes glowing, Varcadia raises her hand and summons a number of small ethereal machine bits in front of her, which aim downward and fire a number of quick laser beams toward the enemy. By holding the input button, the bits will appear and fire after 10 seconds; the attack can be repeated up to 3 times to stagger the satellites. By mashing the input button, the bits will aim in front of her (as opposed to upward-aiming-down) and fire straight forward in a line; this variant can be mirrored by Possessioner Vessels.
Assyria Satellite Aerial Circle-button
Aerial version of Assyria Separate with the same properties. Charging the attack will cause her aerial movement to halt.
Our Queen Aerial ↑+Circle-button Ranged
A ranged counter. Varcadia raises her rifle high (subtly increasing her vertical hurtbox by quite a lot) and halts in the air with a luxurious stance, during which her eyes and horns glow. If hit by any Brave attack, she quickly aims her rifle at the enemy and fires a wide photon beam. All Possessioner vessels also fire if she is hit. If there are no Possessioner vessels present, two ethereal swords spin directly above and below her, dealing damage to any enemy that comes in contact with them.
All Eyes on Stars Aerial ↓+Circle-button Ranged
Requires a Possessioner Vessel. Varcadia aims at the earliest Vessel she has placed and fires her beam rifle to it; the Vessel then explodes, dealing a great deal of damage across an impressive range. Performing this attack while "Silence in Spite" arms are present causes all Vessels to explode.
Psycho-Ice Extol Dash R+Circle-button Ranged
Varcadia summons a set of skeletal armor around herself and charges forward. Has 2 hits of armor and can reflect most projectile Brave attacks. If charged, all Possessioner Vessels fire their beam rifle at an angle ahead of her, damaging any enemies in front of her with impressive range.


Move Obtained Input Priority Effect
Fallen Angel VII Lv.1 Square-button
Varcadia (and all present Possessioner Vessels) summon(s) a second rifle and fire a great beam of energy from both of them, homed toward the targeted enemy. Mediocre vertical homing, swift output.
The Idiot Sun Lv.2 Square-button
Varcadia raises her hand and summons a giant effigy of crystal at the ceiling of the stage. Holding the input button can cause her to pose longer and will increase the size of the jewel. Once summoned, she raises her rifle and fires at the object, causing it to shatter and rain down incredibly fast shards that deal HP damage upon contact. Impressive range, long startup.
Absolute Flesh Lv.5 Square-button
One of Varcadia's few close-range moves. She swiftly slashes her rifle downward, hitting enemies with either the barrel or bayonet; if the enemy is hit, she stomps on them and summons an array of ethereal rifles identical to her own to aim down at the enemy and shower them with a number of beams.
Silence in Spite Lv.10 Square-button
A counter. Four ethereal arms appear from Varcadia's back and float around her idly, each one holding a copy of her rifle that increases her hurtbox substantially. With each subsequent Brave attack that hits her, an arm disappears. The arms last for 20 seconds, with the lasting effect time resetting with every destroyed arm. Varcadia automatically blocks any hit that would remove the last arm, staggering the enemy in the process; as the enemy is stunned, the four arms and their weapons appear around the enemy and fire beams from the rifle(s) at the enemy from all angles, dealing instant HP damage. After the initial summoning animation, Varcadia is free to move and perform any other attack. Performing this attack again before the last arm is removed resets the cooldown time; performing it again while at least 2 arms are present removes them all.

Quotes Note
"We are not skilled in salutations.." Hello
"Do not bow. The pleasure is ours." Hello
"We have seen you before." Hello
"We shall meet again, in the stars." Goodbye
"Do not forget us. We shall remember." Goodbye
"We pray your soul finds freedom." Goodbye
"The Goddess will not forget this kindness." Thank you
"We and a thousand stars pray for forgiveness." I'm sorry
"Accepted." Yes
"Absolute denial!" No
"Spare us your marvel at our appearance. Arrogant humans..." Generic
"There is much to learn from all eras of decadence." Generic
"Humans. Self-centered. Selfish. Arrogant. Yet... noble." Generic
"Reach into our gaze, and learn what it is to be many." Generic
"You do not know what it is to dream. But we have been dreaming for millennia." Generic
"We are truly the most powerless of them all. But... we will not be defeated." Generic
"Do not the drowned have love for the sea?" Generic
"Time will have mercy on your soul where the Goddess has not." Generic
"We still remember when our first soul discovered destiny." Generic
"Your soul is still held down by gravity, we see!" Generic
A heeled foot slams onto the ground; next, the camera pans up to show Varcadia standing with arms outstretched. She summons her rifle and solemnly holds it upward, as in her SC art. Entrance Animation
"Are you prepared to discover timelessness?" Entrance
"We will show you the only true salvation: erasure." Entrance
"If you will not be dissuaded, you will be erased." Entrance
Varcadia lets her weapon dissipate, and two crystalline clones appear at her side and gracefully pose their arms around her as she stares at the camera. Victory Animation
"We are all so similar. So eager for an end." Victory
"Now you wake, but we will continue to dream..." Victory
"Worry not. We will go forth and wake the Goddess. Then we will all be free." Victory/Highest score
One of Varcadia's horn breaks in half, and she stumbles to her knees, limbs askew. Her eyes look mournfully up to the skies, and tears fall down her cheeks. Defeat Animation
"How fitting, for the Viscount of Sorrows." Defeat
"Damn this curse of cruelty - must we face defeat without end?" Defeat
"You will never understand the extent of our fate!" Defeat
"This was foreseen..." Knocked out
"Another life for the Goddess." Reviving
"We will show you true darkness." Summoning DiAbOlOs
"You will have never existed at all!" Summoning White bird
"The revival record clock now shatters!" Summoning Lotan
"You stand against a High Priestess and are thus judged!" Summoning Keruziel
"Let blood run, as from all mortals it shall!" Summoning Azazel
"Be consumed by forever!" Summoning Ghost-who-was-Queen
"We find no joy in ruining mortals... but so be it!" Summoning Jeff
Summon Battle
"Are you completely drowned in this despair, then?" Against DiAbOlOs
"The soul in a machine... The closest thing mortals have to our own gods." Against White bird
"We need not air to breathe. Only power." Against Lotan
"This body knows its faults." Against Keruziel
"There is no screaming amongst the stars." Against Azazel
"We know what it is to be consumed." Against Ghost-who-was-Queen
"One does not befriend a tool." Against Jeff
Against [Rival]

Quotes Note
"Another race, also similar to humans? We wish to parley." Against Clair
"The corrupted air, the corrupted self; what is it humans do not decay?" Against Annabelle
Against Blade
"What power humans give to children!" Against Sorrow
"There is no joy in ruin. Only fulfillment." Against Joy
"You would rule over a dying world?" Against Saturnius
"We understand." Against Caesura
"We marvel." Against Solace
"We pity." Against Sabik
"Anonymity is the coldest of comforts." Against Sorrell
"If only facelessness could defend from cruelty." Against Edna
"And who may halt a dying god that wishes to live? Least of all, us..." Against S-Eyu
"What awareness... what a perverse multiplicity." Against Ragya-Vara
"Even this was already known. You, too, have seen it." Against Varcadia
Against Quinzua
Against Colt
Against Logan
"What use is a blind seer to anyone?" Against Nora
Against Aldin
"Do you see as we do, the spiral descent of decadent fate?" Against Kaia
"Transformed, perverted soul... We see no difference." Against Blood Lord
"We envy your youthfulness." Against Amakir
"We were not born to waste our time like this." Against Betty & Alice
"There is no failure in us. We, are more than you could ever hope to be." Against Julian
"Our mothers were the blood of our own corpse." Against Ava
"We, too, were born from countless annihilated souls." Against Mother
"Naive. Each time, we regret this loss of innocence." Against Ellie
Against Alyssa
"We find nothing but joy in the decay of human will." Against Iocus
"Your only illusion is your false wholeness." Against Loeve
"If even we cannot brush the feet of the Goddess, what worth are you, human?" Against Inohime
"We will never relent." Against Genesis
"There is no easy knowing of the stars we have seen die." Against Concord
"Our selves are scattered, but there is strength in infinity." Against Reni
"We have seen everything we know die again and again. And still we strive to save." Against Iae
"There is nothing in us you could seize in those hands." Against Evon
Against Card Plüss
"We envision a great paradise for you, built with bile and blood." Against Kaeber
"If no one treasures us... what will our heavy be worth?" Against Charleigh
"We do not ask for forgiveness. There is none left." Against Nam Mo
"All that weight, poor child, and all you will do with it is falter." Against Noltia
"You attempt to command us, and we can only laugh." Against Delta
"The mightiest of enemies is the self." Against Ruger


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