Story Abbreviations Major Characters Synopsis
Amelioratory Benevolence AB Vylinn, Insiminy, Fick, Xaras, Noia DSS solo. When our hearts combine, I am...a peace document that must be defended.
Angel Ataraxia AA S-Eyu, Ragya-Vara, Varcadia Crono solo story in the 9 Heroes universe. An undying man fights an assassin to break out of prison... and also end all life. Typical.
At Fate's End AFE Jarek, Iocus, Cinis, Avilis, Loeve, Kenzie, Rutilus, Azazel, The Embodiment Arma solo story with characters by other authors. A cult seeks an end to endings, drawing heroes and other factions into a great conflict.
At Fate's End II AFE2 Alyssa, Iocus, Acia, Loeve, Verthandi Arma solo story. A young woman journeys after her missing parents, shadowed by their legacy.
Book of 100 Warriors 100 Warriors Hyohaku, Kaeber, Servas, Harukage Nextoy project. Collection of short stories about different ways warriors died and their afterlife in Sundry.
Clouds of Judgment CoJ Concord, Rain, Ike, Liam, Zak, James, Nicolas, Akito, Bolverk, Idiza Collab
Clouds of Judgment 2 CoJ2 Inōhime, Genesis, Ozora the Blessed DSS/Neo fic (for now). Too Many Gods. Stop resetting the world please.
Conquest CQ, Questcon Victor, Oavyce, Meagan, Emile, Korem, Zhanar, Keruziel Crono solo story with characters by other authors. Politics and fantasy judges and giant church oh my! Inspired partly by FFT. Super long and has a bunch of spin-offs by various people.
Core of Amaterasu CoA 8bit project mixing DCI and FFXIV gameplay.
Crimson Shadow CS Deryk, Ritic, Divina, Charleigh, Coatl, Selena Cluna and Neo story. The twin goddess of Life and Death have awaken by company wishing use their power, and man wishing to reclaim what they took from him.
Dissidia Alto Alto Nextoy project. Fanfiction about a cycle for Dissidia's original setting with most of the Final Fantasy elements removed.
The Distance Within Us Distance Caesura, Solace, Sabik. 8bit solo story. SPACE KOREANS.
DragonSoul DS Hale, the Nobles, Draken, Noelle, Kayle, Ruriko Collab story. Half the narrative is from the perspective of the oppressed Drakenaer race, the other half from the nobility and peasants of Ithil, as they seek to find peace.
Echoes of Strife EoS 8, Nelo, Yuan, Dr Duncan Duncen (D^3, DDD), Padma, Faethin Super old-school collab (with 8bit, Nelo and Yuan). The plot doesn't matter anymore, lol.
The End of Eternity EoE Klaytaza, Arend, Natalia Crono solo story. Petulant youth wants to destroy the world, immortal angel-robot says "Sure, why not?"
Escaping Execution:
Extraordinary Children
EE, EE:EC Alix, Amelia, Lili, Remus, Holly, Drake, Rei Old collab which DSS is turning into a solo story. The Original™. The beautiful people (read: children).
Esper of Dusk EoD Clair, Zane, Annabell, Blade, Siena, Scarlet Neo solo story. A girl journey out to world to find her twin brother for their ill mother only get wrap in in between struggle of four nations and dark focus manipulating them all.
Ex Nexo EN Concord 8bit gaming project. Inspired by the Megaman Battle Network series.
Extraordinary Children EC Jesilyn, Alice, Max, Flora, Seo, Irina Collab story
Fencing Lessons FL The Nobles (Frederick "Freddie", Gabriel "Gabe", Bailey, Woton "Wot-Wot", Cressida "Cressie") Yuan spin-off of DragonSoul. Prequel about the Nobles having family drama.
The Ghost of Sundry Ghost Vik, Rosaria Crono DCI setting story. A glitch in the Manikin matrix brings Vik face to face with one of his biggest regrets. Maybe he can change things this time.
Green Tea Eorzea GTE Iae, Reni, Evon, Rio, Tamago, WANO raid group Mostly Yuan project, with some entries by Reni/Zadi. Characters from many people. Many short stories of varying lengths: Can You Not, Mercy, Popoto Eggs etc.
Historiae Veneficii Caelestia HVC Collab universe between Crono (KoS), Neo (CS), and DSS (UA), with all three stories taking place many years apart in the same universe. May or may not be noncanon due to the existence of the 9 Heroes Chronicle.
In Defence of Destiny IDoD Yuan A squad of Margraves (read: mutant killers) go on a mission to capture a suspected target. It's really fucking cold. Suffering ensues!
Insurrection: Ironclad Iconoclasts I, I:II Axarath, Kleonike, Jaysen, Chance, Lee Jessup DSS' first solo attempt. Under major revamp. Swords and sorcery vs Modern technology
Invisible Cities campaign Kublai Khampaign, Khampaign, ICc Kublai Khan, Marco Polo, Blaise Pascal, Malin, Alfalfa Yuan-led TRPG. Surreal, mercantile campaign pinned roughly to the 7th Sea system, inspired by Italo Calvino's post-structuralist novel Invisible Cities. Current players: Zadi, Scathe, Catuse.
JetCross JX Shizuka DSS gaming project. Futuristic Jet Cycle racing. 20 racers defy death to lift the trophy (and the sponsorship cash) at the end of the season.
Kings of Strife KoS Crono, Gin, Vik, Maria, Vainia, Lance Knight Crono's beloved. Sorta modern-ish fantasy about Crystals and Geass magic eye powahs. Really fucking long, lots of suffering.
Kings of Strife II KoS2 Sanadus, Noltia, Alstromya, Lance Knight Crono's beloved...again. Bodacious Fantasy 13: Suffering Returns. The next generation of suffering. Somewhat episodic.
Kirite of the Five Seasons Kirite Eri, Bo Yuan solo project inspired by the music suite by Yasunori Mitsuda.
KStuff I think this may actually stand for "KnightStuff"? Ruger, Faye, Argence, Emir, Weir Nelo's beautiful project. Includes/related to End of Shade, PreShade, Lunarshade, RekanStuff.
A Light on the Ocean Lighthouse Alexandra, Remus Collab between Scathe and Yuan.
Luminous Society LumSoc Iae, Sokutei, Concord, Vainia, Zadimortis, Cinis, Ekram, Emir, Dr Duncan Duncen Collaborative project involving the main DCI story. Mostly consists of documents detailing locations within Sundry, written in an in-universe style. See also: Tonberry Team.
The Meaning of Silence TMoS Emile, Erasmus, Osric, Petrus Yuan side-story to Conquest. A historical-fantasy murder mystery set in a shelter.
The Mirror on the Water Mirror Hallifax Yuan solo story. A witch in Victorian Era England, on her first venture finds...something...beneath a lake. The world is used in a couple of other stories (Cats and Queens Don't Cry, Neap by Fall).
Nine Heroes 9 Heroes, 9H, NHC Rosaries, the 9 Heroes, the Goddess The name for the universe / mythos extrapolated from KoS. Involves nine demigod Heroes who are cursed to reincarnate and never know peace because of their war with the Goddess eons ago. Also their incarnations have magic sometimes.
Nobody's Safety Guaranteed NSG David, Huang, Lily, Evie Yuan solo story. Scientist and the Sea spin-off, ultimately based in the Extraordinary Children world.
A Prayer for Sin Prayer, PfS Greed, Sloth, Envy, Nam Mo Collab DCI story between 8bit, Arma, Crono and Yuan. Three Children of Sin encounter a nun.
The Queen of 10,000 Years 10,000 Years Vainia, Gin Crono's Suffering: the Story. Vainia planned on bringing herself back to life after 1000 years, but someone fucked up. Now, she wakes.
Quicksilver Sadbot (Stories) Quicksilver Yuan project. Vignettes from the perspective of a salaryman robot.
Rain's Ascent RA Noa, Riyoku 8bit solo project
Reach of Consciousness: The Liberator TL Aaron Crono solo project. Once had mechs, now with 100% more robot girls and 200% less narrative sense.
A Rose and Her Thorn Sorrell Cluna solo project
Saints of Sin SoS Lilith, Bunny, Friend, Spectre DSS solo project. Don't hide your demons.
Seasons quartet Seasons Autumn: Cats and Queens Don't Cry; Winter: Hollow; Spring: Father; Summer: Softly Come the Rains. Yuan solo project. A loosely related quartet of stories, set in different worlds. Not to be confused with Scathe's Seasons quartet, which is totally unrelated but the same concept.
The Scientist and the Sea SatS David, Huang, Evie, Seo, Leslie, Chen, Yumiko, Dolor Yuan spin-off of Extraordinary Children, about a child psychiatrist who works in the Labs.
The Shelter of Obscurity Shelter Hale, Sloth, Enbii 8bit solo project set in Sundry. Sloth discovers that the frigid Shard he has been forced to recon is not as deserted as it first seemed.
Softly Come the Rains Summer Sorrow (Verity), Joy (Amala), Emperor Saturnius Yuan solo story, part of the Seasons quartet.
And the Stars Withdrew Their Shining Stars Korem, Oavyce Yuan solo story. Non-canon story about a fight scene between Korem and Oavyce.
Tempus Frangit TF 8, Iocus, Verthandi, Yuan Yuan solo project, with input from multiple authors. A DCI story about 8 and Iocus venturing to destroy the Embodiment.
Tonberry Team TT Iae, Doctor Duncan Duncen, Concord, Sokutei, Vainia, Zadimortis, Cinis, Emir, Ekram, Hanji Yuan game project about the Luminous Society. Many, many characters from many people.
Twilight Crystal TC Cynthia, Taarin, April, Alex, Avec, Maximilian, Ivy, Francis Collab story. Two nations war over the halves of a mythic crystal, as those in power scheme endlessly amongst themselves and one of the last surviving Seers is thrust alone into a fractured world.
Twilight Crystal 2 TC2 Ekram, Ava, Mother, Children of Sin (CoS) Collab story. A flower plots to take over the world.
Umbran Epidemic UE Sokutei, Uiharu, Kasumi, Chiharu, Aerys, Ryuu Collab weeb story. Group high school students found themselves infected by new virus giving special abilities, but must find cure before turning into demonic monsters.
Unknown Aspirations UA Jarkko, Richter, Seike, Milica DSS solo fic. Grandiose space opera.
When You Were Young WYWY Emile, Osric, Petrus Yuan solo project. The Meaning of Silence prequel. Another murder mystery.
Without Surcease WS, Surcease Nam Mo, Vainia (as the Ghost Queen), Aunty Yuan solo project. Set in Nam Mo's world, reimagining the Ghost Queen Vainia as a hungry ghost.
Zurechnungsfähigkeitschlachten Z, Zurechnungs Jagger, Rex, Katja, The Curator DSS solo project. Madman locks teens in prep school to preserve their talents for all time.
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