"There is only one mendacious being in the world, and that is man."
- A. Schopenhauer

Two hundred years have passed and Prisoner HKVH14299 still sits in his cell without having aged a day. Convinced of his status as a Tyrant - a superhuman, semi-immortal threat to all life - the wardens of the offworld prison plan for his execution. When an unlikely ally and a chance to escape presents itself, the prisoner seizes his opportunity to fight for his life, even if it means dooming the rest of the universe.

But he is not the only one that would kill to live.

ANGEL ATARAXIA: DEFEAT is a story in the Nine Heroes universe, acting as an effective prequel to the ANGEL ATARAXIA story.



  • S-Eyu, the prisoner
  • Yu-Sent, the guard
  • Sav-Ren, the priest
  • Ragya-Vara, the Rose Spear
  • Varcadia IX, the High Priestess


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