Japanese Name
Original Story The Distance Within Us
Age Immemorial
Side Neutral
EX Mode
EX Burst
Dissidia Calamitas Infinita Character

"We are the constant \ We are the mirror"

Solace is a DLC character in Dissidia Calamitas Infinita, originating from Ex Nexo. If one, through patience, gives all, can one, in need, demand all?


The second son of a second son, Phra Lanh Ther Phra Ong Chao Sonthi Mahidol was only seventeen when he warily departed the royal trappings of Siam for a spacecraft’s titanium confines. They had told him the world outside was growing ever more dangerous. He went not because he believed them (and what did he know of Belief?), but because of duty. Populating a new world would require an adequate number of pilgrims, but to sustain so many bodies in such limited space would have been impossible. Rorqualian intervention was instrumental to the elegant solution. The terrible responsibilities of the seeds of life needed only to be nurtured on the journey - at planetfall they would bear fruit. All of Sonthi's immediate family was chosen to shepherd the souls on the Caesura. When it left the ground, only he and his mother were aboard.

Not many of his age could have guided the voice of preservation. Not many could have coped with the decision between a few extant lives and thousands of possibilities. Was Sonthi Mahidol an exception?

Not everyone’s wishes can be granted at once.

On the shining river Praya
Within golden teakwood chambers
(Lord of all, Lord of all)
Like a million pieces of past
His dreams dwell beneath
The sky-roof windows of the Chakri Palace

Sixth in line and shrouded from sight
Now fifth, now fourth, his eyes open
(Through the pall, through the pall)
Behold all the kingdoms shatter
On the ground of grace
No more to remain in this state of malice

Children of those who read the stars
Will now touch the face of heaven
(Hear its call, hear its call)
He guides the flock paired by bases
As the ark of old
In this garden he prays they will find solace

The path we chose left some behind
Held in the arms of a still sea

Catch me when I lose my balance
I’ll be falling
Through the windows of the Chakri Palace









Brave AttackEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained
Ground Initial
Ground Level 10
Aerial Initial
Aerial Level 10

HP AttackEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained
Ground Initial
Ground Level 10
Aerial Initial
Aerial Level 10

EX ModeEdit

Solace's EX Mode is

Solace's EX Burst is


Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Description

Related AccessoriesEdit

Accessory Description/Effect Acquired
LUK+4 Shop, Duel Colosseum Lunar Whale Course
LUK+4 Battlegen from the ??? Friend Card
Singularity's Desire N/A LUK+1 Battlegen
Singularity's Dream N/A LUK+2 Battlegen
Singularity's Hopes N/A LUK+3 Battlegen

Solace does not "jump" in the normal sense of the word, and its ability to change elevation is dependent on the dash meter. Holding X-button will cause it to ascend or descend slowly depending on whether it is in the mode of Doubt or Belief, respectively. Belief causes Solace to steadily descend even without input. These modes are changeable at any time with L3. The dash meter will drain when in Doubt, and refill when in Belief. The rate of decay/restoration is dependent on Solace's vertical position; higher altitudes while in Doubt will drain the meter faster, and lower altitudes in Belief will restore it faster. Solace's attacks are all considered Aerial, as its lowest state hovers just above the ground, but its Brave attacks change depending on its mode.

A holographical tassel of roots extends beneath Solace at all times, and normally does not impede movement of any players or count as part of Solace's hitbox. Activating Solace's EX Skill, Chakri, causes these roots to solidify and emit a shockwave in a small, cylindrical radius, knocking opponents back and dealing Brave damage. The tassel prevents Solace from ascending or descending for 15 seconds, but freezes the dash meter and allows the use of Doubt or Belief Brave moves with great versatility. Solace is also able to dash without limit during this time. The tassel acts as a solid obstacle after the initial shockwave, capable of interrupting the attacks of enemies it passes through.

Type: Marksman
Move Damage Input Type Power
Complementation Bravery Circle-button Doubt Weak
Launches a viridian arc of data that initially floats forward sluggishly, but once close to an enemy moves in on it with excellent homing. Hold the command to launch another arc shortly after the first. Arcs that pass through a Xenograft have increased initial speed.
Transfusion Bravery ↑ + Circle-button Doubt Weak
The pincers at Solace's base each fire a data tendril that latch on to any enemy hit and force them downward. Quick startup, zero homing, long recovery.
Xenograft Bravery ↓ + Circle-button Doubt Weak
Summons a ring of digital roots in front of Solace that acts as a trap. Three rings can exist on the field at once. Upon being struck by a trap, the afflicted enemy suffers Brave loss over time.
Rejection Bravery R1 + Circle-button Doubt Dash Moderate
The pincers at Solace's base extend and grasp forward, seizing the first enemy hit and throwing them away, slowing them for a short time.
Anitya Bravery Circle-button Belief Weak
The bands of mist over Solace's shoulders twist forward and cover its chest, charging an emerald beam of light that flies farther and has better homing the longer it is charged.
Skandha Bravery ↑ + Circle-button Belief Weak
Solace raises its left hand and fires a slow-moving orb of light at the opponent. Zero homing, but inputting the action again while the orb is active causes it to exude a vacuum effect. Enemies hit are paralyzed for a short time. Skandha and Dukkha can be active at the same time.
Dukkha Bravery ↓ + Circle-button Belief Weak
Solace raises its right hand and fires a slow-moving orb of light at the opponent. Zero homing, but inputting the action again while the orb is active causes it to exude a knockback effect. Enemies hit have half of their dash gauge depleted. Dukkha and Skandha can be active at the same time.
Avidya Bravery R1 + Circle-button Belief Dash Weak
The bands of mist over Solace's shoulders cross behind its head and create a slow-moving wave of energy with poor homing but long duration. Remaining within the area of effect of Avidya recharges Solace's Guard Meter more quickly.
Second Sun HP Square-button Doubt \ Belief Weak
Solace brings its hands together and generates a slow-moving orb of bright green energy that homes in on the target. Activate again while one orb is active to detonate it in a wide radius and immediately launch another.
Lèse Majesté HP Square-button Doubt \ Belief Mighty
Solace folds its hands and becomes invincible for 0.5 seconds, then unleashes a sphere of blinding energy around itself. When Chakri is active, the energy envelops the roots as well.
Prisoner of Conscience HP Square-button Doubt \ Belief Mighty
Solace turns its hands over, spawning a jagged glyph of energy in front of it that remains on the field as a trap. Up to 3 traps may exist at one time. Passing through a trap while Chakri is active causes it to explode horizontally in a wide radius.
Patience HP Square-button Doubt \ Belief Mighty
Solace extends its hands and unleashes a narrow, poorly homing wave of energy with excellent vertical reach both below and above its origin. Can be charged to further increase vertical reach and distance traveled.
Mode Shift Other L3 Doubt \ Belief -
Switches between Doubt and Belief.
Chakri EX Skill Triangle-button Doubt \ Belief Potent
Solace solidifies its roots, dealing Brave damage and knocking back enemies close to it. For the next 15 seconds, Solace cannot change its vertical position, and its dash gauge is frozen.


  • Character Level 10: Singularity
  • Offline Crystal Rank: The Constant
  • 100 Ranked Wins: Phra Ong Chao
  • 500 Ranked Wins: Rama Prime
  • 1000 Ranked Wins: Modal Soul

Musical ThemesEdit


Rival BattleEdit



  • Rain as bright as dawn \ Show me
  • All that I am \ Is all that I offer
  • As the deer longs for flowing water \ So longs my soul
  • Let all mortal flesh keep silence \ For heaven is in hand
    If HP is low
  • To walk will suffice \ Why seek wings?
    If opponent is stronger
  • The day is near \ Take heart
    If opponent is weaker


  • I am the way \ The truth
  • All that you are \ A gift
  • Wherever I am found \ May you be
  • You shall not walk this path alone \ Come
    If HP is low
  • So by these labors \ Conflict shall cease
    If opponent is stronger
  • In the gracious gift I offer \ Joy no tongue can tell
    If opponent is weaker


  • But... \ why...?
  • I... \ only...
  • *Solace reaches forward haltingly, then fades into wisps*
  • *Solace's roots disintegrate, and it fades as it falls*

Default SpecificEdit

  • Cynthia: "Ever defined by loss \ We will deliver your inheritance"
  • Rain: "The tears of thousands \ By mercy erased"
  • Cinis: "All your answers lead \ To our question"
  • Yuan: "Shine once more \ Before the end"
  • Kayle: "We will all live in paradise \ Pacified in perpetuum"
  • Jessie: "Such is adolescence \ A phase"
  • Kasumi: "The fragility of such petals \ Crushed even by rain"
  • Deryk: "You are romancing Death? \ We find this illogical"
  • Crono: "You sacrificed all \ Do you not want it all back?"
  • Jarkko: "Do not trouble yourself \ We will mind everything"
  • Clair: "Your 'cuteness' is irrelevant \ All will be ordained"
  • Victor: "Even one so faulty \ Can experience sublimation"
  • Vylinn: "From the realm of endless day \ We rise"
  • April: "When you lift your hands to me \ You will see"
  • Akito: "We only do \ What must be done"
  • 0: "We see you as we see ourselves \ Bleeding love"
  • 8: "What else have you to lose \ But life itself"
  • Noelle: "I shall balance everything \ Drop your scales"
  • Alice: "What do I see? \ The world... without us"
  • Ryuu: "I will wait, however long the fall \ Take a leap of faith"
  • Coatl: "All humans deserve heaven \ Do they not, snake?"
  • Gin: "When your heart begins to beat again \ I will be there to count"
  • Richter: "The more one is bought \ The less one costs"
  • Zane: "Some must face the dark \ And some must carry on"
  • Oavyce: "Duty transcends destiny \ Ace beats King"
  • Insiminy: "We cannot speak \ Of what we have not felt"
  • Avec: "Look not at the footprints of your sins \ I will carry you"
  • Ike: "Let me take you by the hand \ Like a child"
  • Nex: "The depth of your violence \ Cannot go unanswered"
  • Nelo: "Tomorrow is a hope, never a promise \ I promise you"
  • Hale: "You are no slave \ By my hand be free"
  • Max: "Give to us your voice \ Receive the silence you desire"
  • Sokutei: "Let me tell you how I feel \ Heart to heart"
  • Selena: "There is a place for you \ In the past"
  • Lance Knight: "But a single cycle is required \ To grant the love you need"
  • Seike: "Nothing I choose \ Nothing reject"
  • Scarlet: "A higher gift than grace \ Shall flesh and blood refine"
  • Meagan: "Alone in the flame of doubt \ Are you ready to take my hand?"
  • Fick: "How sinful, the extremes \ Even in virtue"

Boss SpecificEdit

  • Ragnarok: Lay down your mantle \ And all will follow
  • Genesis: The end and the beginning \ And all things in between
  • Eris: An enemy deleted \ Cannot rise against us
  • The Embodiment: I have executed everything faithfully \ Do not let me go

DLC SpecificEdit

  • Chime: "I can hear \ I can wish"
  • Alexandra: "Only the ever-flowing fountain \ Can quench your aridity"
  • Gluttony: "Feast and famine \ Feed each other"
  • Lust: "Carnality and chastity \ Love each other"
  • Greed: "Avarice and abstinence \ Value each other"
  • Sloth: "Indolence and industry \ Exhort each other"
  • Envy: "Malice and mercy \ Desire each other"
  • Wrath: "Rage and repose \ Measure each other"
  • Pride: "Honor and humility \ Temper each other"
  • Mother: "All these things \ As one"
  • Jarek: "I know the wishes of my father \ And the shipwrecks where he wished"
  • Iocus: "From time's cradle \ I bring repose"
  • Acia: "To control the future \ Is to control the past"
  • Zak: "Even the sea can be set aflame \ Where else will you hide?"
  • Concord: "A program cannot betray its coding \ Why deny purpose?"
  • Inōhime: "Open are the double doors of the horizon \ Unlocked are its bolts"
  • Felicity: "How precocious \ But do you have the voice?"
  • Korem: "Patience acquires \ All things"
  • Keruziel: "We shall replace your God \ Will it bring you joy?"
  • Ruriko: "A laborious process is birth \ Live forever instead"
  • Draken: "We are the shiniest \ It has been calculated"
  • Chiharu: "A spring rain \ Fills shallow graves"
  • Vainia: "Every corner of this beautiful world \ Deserves eyes of love"
  • Vik: "Is she human, you ask...? \ Are any of us?"
  • Maria: "Find me \ In your eyes"
  • Sanadus: "We will wake from this earthly dream \ In the gold of day"
  • Argence: "White never brighter \ When placed against black"
  • Ruger: "Black never darker \ When consumed by white"
  • Faye: "Will you exploit my kindness, I wonder? \ Unthinkable"
  • Weir: "You tire of this mortal coil \ I will arrange a promotion"
  • Sanna: "We have already achieved purity \ All in exchange for wings"
  • Divina: "You presume to speak for God \ I will take a message"
  • Noa: "We know your name, child \ We remember them all"
  • Riyoku: "I will embrace you in the pouring rain \ I only love you so you love again"
  • Linus: "I want you to see me so you know I care \ I want to see you so I know you're there"
  • Shira: "Write your story as I have \ Anointed in blended blood"
  • Iae: "There is no such beauty \ As where you belong"
  • Reni: "Everything is patience \ Call it hope if you wish"
  • Evon: "Rise up and follow me \ I will lead you home"
  • Caesura: "We are still searching, Haruka \ Somewhere beyond the sky"
  • Solace: "The more I seek \ The more I am sought"
  • Sabik: "Mercy in excess \ Produces pathology"
  • Zadimortis: "I say exactly what I mean \ And I mean so many things"
  • Artemis: "We will close the door gently \ It will not make a sound"
  • Sorrell: "Crave not the rose \ If you will not grasp the thorn"

Quotes Note
Sawatdee \ Krab Hello
Until \ Next dawn Goodbye
We are \ Grateful Thank you
A dream \ Deferred' I'm sorry
It shall \ Be done Yes
We think \ Not No
We repay from our own solace \ All we take away Generic
This is akin to playing the violin \ For buffalo Generic
Before/After Battle
Recalibrating \ Shine your eyes Change of strategy
We return \ To our own Leaving
Still there are seeds \ To be sown' Not leaving yet.
We may deviate from tradition \ Just this once Try something new.
Show us the measure \ Of your soul Show me how you fight.
That was a good fight.
Well done (to a specific character)
Think nothing \ Of it Response to thanks
Solace kindles a miniature digitized tree in its hand. Entrance Animation
I know this rhythm \ Do you hear it? Entrance
I know your spirit \ Do you feel it?' Entrance
We know of the truth \ And all know us Entrance
Solace outstretches its arms as in its Official Nelo ArtworkTM. Victory Animation
Find peace \ In your existence Victory
Find faith \ Though you are blind Victory
Find hope \ In our light Victory/Highest score
Solace remains completely still, vanishing from the side as if carried off by wind. Defeat Animation
Why...? \ I... Defeat
I \ doubt Defeat
I \ believe Defeat
We are not ready \ To let go Knocked out
No fetters \ Shall hold us Reviving
During Battle
Assimilating \ The core Summon Core
Let us raise our hands \ To the dream Summoning
To think thousands guide one \ Is delusion Targeting (line shared between all enemies)
To know one guides thousands \ Is enlightenment Helping (line shared between allies)
There has never been an answer \ That is the answer Help me
Nothing shall be wasted \ No failure nor mistake Press the advantage
I wane \ To start anew I must retreat
The winds die \ Find shelter Something bad is coming
Patience \ Is everything Please wait
All seeds \ Into trees I am ready
Unforgivable \ We will make amends Apology
Was that a mistake? \ We shall have it erased Ignore what I said
Patience \ Is all we have left Running out of time
Now the green blade riseth \ And all shall be swept clean We're winning
I promise you nirvana \ Unless you desire the alternative Psyche up
All is forgiven \ And never forgotten Response to apology
How blessed are those who have not seen \ And yet whose faith has constant been We're just about to win
For us eternal \ Life shall win I'm going all out
All I create \ All I call back Come to me
Let us stand alone \ It is not loneliness Go away from me.
The rhythm of a metronome \ Marks the echo of each night Summoning DiAbOlOs
If I see the mountains \ They must see me Summoning White bird
The peak resonates \ With emptiness Summoning Lotan
All things left undone \ We will redo Summoning Keruziel
This heart does wish to bleed \ If only you would see it Summoning Azazel
Power is as much a blanket \ As naked belief Summoning Ghost-who-was-Queen
A friend in need \ Is a highly predictable response generator Summoning Jeff
Summon Battle
Let us pray and ring the bells \ For dreams that cannot be granted Against DiAbOlOs
The reason I exist \ To ensure we do not fade Against White bird
Do you ever absentmindedly wish \ To quench your own thirst? Against Lotan
If you cannot walk the solitary path \ You will never know grace Against Keruziel
Flesh is a single spiral \ In an easily sidestepped dimension Against Azazel
Our head bows low \ Yours will hang, high Against Ghost-who-was-Queen
All trees \ Into seeds Against Jeff
Against [Rival]
Character-Specific Encounter
My skin was not always this... pale \ Melanin is an irrelevant detail now Against Clair
So many hands reach out \ We will grasp approximately half of them Against Annabelle
To protect \ Is to sacrifice Against Blade
There is no need for warmth \ When light will suffice Against Sorrow
The closest and farthest \ From truth Against Joy
Martyrdom is a small price to pay \ For endurance Against Saturnius
What use is proximity \ If we cannot reach each other Against Caesura
We are the current version \ Your services will be archived Against Solace
Mercy in excess \ Produces pathology Against Sabik
Against Sorrell
Against Edna
Some will fly to heaven \ And some will crawl Against S-Eyu
Worship at the data-borne altar \ You will never feel more alive Against Ragya-Vara
How many times \ Must we set out on this road Against Varcadia
Have you grown comfortable \ Naming all your demons? Against Quinzua
Against Colt
Against Logan
Against Nora
Against Aldin
Destiny is forever \ In my opinion Against Kaia
Against Blood Lord
Jeff is necessary \ Friends are optional Against Amakir
A fascinating symbiote \ How does it function...? Against Betty & Alice
Two things similar to the eye \ Split when subjected to the heart Against Julian
Against Ava
We shall flourish unmitigated \ By a single life Against Mother
The technology of language \ You have yet to grasp Against Ellie
Against Alyssa
If we could be promised this for eternity \ I would not change a thing Against Iocus
Fragments of honesty \ Coalesce into fact Against Loeve
No zodiac is necessary \ As the stars withdraw their shining Against Inohime
Every Genesis \ Requires an Exodus Against Genesis
All seas are born of one womb \ Why then do the waves rise in discord Against Concord
There is no meaning to 'goodbye' \ In the continuity I envision Against Reni
From all these bitter choices \ We must step forth Against Iae
The good memories \ Are all that shall remain Against Evon
Hearts are merely penalties \ Then shall we play Jubmoo? Against Card Plüss
How beautiful it is \ To break a powerless ego Against Kaeber
Against Charleigh
Humanity will not be reduced \ To a question of silences Against Nam Mo
In the space between dreams and reality \ Lies ruin Against Noltia
You know not the difference \ Between sacrifice and obligation Against Delta
Wake now, recycled vessel \ The second sun rises Against Ruger

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