Japanese Name
Original Story The Distance Within Us
Age Immemorial
Side Neutral
EX Mode
EX Burst
Dissidia Calamitas Infinita Character

"I locked the door ¦ AND THREW AWAY THE KEY"

Sabik is a DLC character in Dissidia Calamitas Infinita, originating from The Distance Within Us.


The five things my parents left me before they died were
Our house in Cebu, two hundred dollars, family, faith, and a love for space

The five places where I worked before I was called were
Davao, Cebu City, Pyongyang, the International Space Station, and the first moon

The five siblings I brought onto the Caesura with me are
Ryeowook, Iseul, Sangwoo, Taeyang, and Joohyun

The five relevant variables of a gravity assist maneuver are
Kinetic energy, gravitational potential energy, deflection angle, rocket burn, and escape velocity

The five pillars of Islam are
Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, and Pilgrimage

The five Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary are
The Agony in the Garden, the Scourging at the Pillar, the Crowning of Thorns, Calvary, and the Crucifixion

The five essential components of an EVA suit are
The Holochip, the Telescoping Pole, the Propulsion Unit, the Zip Line, and THE WAFFLE IRON

The five national animals of the Philippines are
The Philippine Eagle, the Karabaw, the Kasuari, THE DRAGON, AND THE CHIMERA

The five stages of grief are
Depression, Bargaining, Anger, Denial, and [SEARCHING... PLEASE HOLD]

The five responsibilities of an EVA captain are

My The five (IT WAS SEVEN, BUT WHO'S COUNTING?) crewmates of Seungchul Song are were













Sabik –

Brave AttackEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained
Ground Initial
Ground Level 10
Aerial Initial
Aerial Level 10

HP AttackEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained
Ground Initial
Ground Level 10
Aerial Initial
Aerial Level 10

EX ModeEdit

Sabik's EX Mode is

Sabik's EX Burst is


Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Description

Related AccessoriesEdit

Accessory Description/Effect Acquired
LUK+4 Shop, Duel Colosseum Lunar Whale Course
LUK+4 Battlegen from the ??? Friend Card
Nadir's Desire N/A LUK+1 Battlegen
Nadir's Dream N/A LUK+2 Battlegen
Nadir's Hopes N/A LUK+3 Battlegen

Sabik is a Marksman that possesses strength in verticality due to the directionality of its moveset and ability to jump thrice. Its attacks range from standard Marksman fare to those with unconventional close range coverage and increasingly volatile pathing. By accomplishing objectives with certain moves, Sabik builds stacks of Alhilal (الهلال), which grant it increasing movement speed and the option to execute a powerful fourth jump, which consumes an Alhilal stack. Alhilal can build to a maximum of three stacks, indicated by the increasing luminosity of the golden pinions flanking Sabik.

Sabik's Ground moves are rather slow, but provide an interesting mix of utility, positioning, and potential to generate Alhilal. Many of its Aerial moves benefit from Sabik's increased ability to remain airborne and increase in ferocity the longer they are allowed to fire. Sabik reaches peak aeronautical capacity when using its EX Skill, Raiment, which provides a short window of invincibility as it launches skyward and consumes all Alhilal stacks, launching higher the more stacks that are consumed. If Sabik is still airborne for seven seconds after the use of Raiment, it gains the ability to use the followup EX Skill Serenahd, which summons a massive, meteoric slab of metal to crash down on the targeted enemy's position.

Move Damage Input Type Power
Magdarame Bravery Circle-button Ground
Sabik forces a palm forward, creating a pointed cross of searing light that pierces towards the enemy. Holding the command increases the startup and recovery time but slightly increases the range and causes substantial knockback that can Wall Rush. Successfully Wall Rushing an opponent generates a stack of Alhilal.
Pentecost Bravery ↑ + Circle-button Ground
Sabik opens its hand at eye level, briefly vanishing and appearing a short distance behind its original position. Upon re-materializing, it closes its hand and synthesizes a corkscrew-shaped band of black coil that confines a small orb of golden fire. The coil gradually floats upward in a random, erratic path, without any homing. Each time an attack from Sabik strikes the coil, it expands in radius and increases in speed. Enemy Bravery attacks will revert the coil back a stage. If the coil grows to its 5th stage, it immediately tracks to the nearest enemy and explodes in a wide radius. This will prompt an acidic voice line from Sabik and generate a stack of Alhilal; the same effect will happen if an enemy deletes the coil with an HP attack.
Third Station Bravery ↓ + Circle-button Ground
Sabik lazily tosses a glowing golden data chip at the opponent that has zero homing but explodes in a small radius upon striking terrain. A cross-shaped rift of light appears at the impact point, extending upwards if Third Station landed on a floor and laterally if it hit a wall. Enemies that step into the trap take no Brave damage but are inflicted with Bind and grant Sabik a stack of Alhilal. Three rifts may exist on the field at one time.
Senakulo Bravery R1 + Circle-button Ground Dash
The cross at Sabik's base pulses with flame, driving it into the air and transitioning seamlessly into an air dash. If an enemy is struck with the trail of flame, Sabik pauses and stabs it through with the cross. This grants a stack of Alhilal and propels Sabik even further upwards.
Jumada Bravery Circle-button Aerial
A relatively simple attack where Sabik extends a hand and shoots a plume of fire at the opponent. Each Jumada that Sabik casts while airborne increases the move's maximum distance and homing ability, up to four times. This growth resets whenever Sabik is struck with an attack or returns to the ground. Striking an enemy with a maximally empowered Jumada grants a stack of Alhilal.
Fatima Bravery ↑ + Circle-button Aerial
The crescent on Sabik's crown flares, hurling smaller sickles of light in a machine-gun like manner at the enemy. Sabik can move laterally and change targets while the command is held, re-orienting the stream of missiles. If two opponents are struck in this way, Sabik pauses momentarily and launches huge twin demilunes of golden fire at them. Each demilune that connects grants a stack of Alhilal.
Basmala Bravery ↓ + Circle-button Aerial
Sabik dives downward, bracing the pinions to its side and generating circular glyphs at each point. It then combines the glyphs into a waffle-shaped projectile and shoots it at the enemy, pushing Sabik in the opposite direction the projectile was fired. The waffle travels relatively slowly but bounces off of terrain throughout its eight second lifespan. If Sabik intercepts the waffle after it has bounced off of terrain at least twice, it consumes it, gains a stack of Alhilal, and replenishes 33% of its Dash Gauge.
Qatnan Leap Bravery R1 + Circle-button Aerial Dash
Sabik projects a holographic image of an eight-petaled flower atop an upturned crescent in front of it. As hold as the button is held (for a maximum of three seconds), Sabik stares at the image in rapture, rising slowly into the air. Upon release, the image shatters and manifests in amber light at the opponent's position. Striking an enemy with Qatnan Leap grants a stack of Alhilal and causes Sabik to appear slightly in front and above it if the command is quickly input again. Qatnan Leap briefly immobilizes the enemy and provides an excellent lead into another attack.
[WAFFLE_IRON.EXE] HP Square-button Ground+Aerial
Sabik laughs indulgently and projects two patterned discs of light before it, one slightly above and one slightly below, before setting them on fire and smashing them together. Holding the command and manipulating the control stick causes the discs of light to ascend or descend before colliding.
[ESCAPE_POD.EXE] HP Square-button Ground+Aerial
Sabik tosses a translucent egg-shaped cage of flame haphazardly in front of it that careens wildly and can bounce several times off of terrain before exploding. This move "captures" struck enemies and carries them within the egg for the remainder of its duration, dealing Brave damage every time the container bounces. EX Cores can also be captured; the container spits out the EX Core at its position upon exploding. Incapacitating an opponent or destroying an EX Core with this move prompts a delicious voice line from Sabik.
[UNDER_NET.EXE] HP Square-button Ground+Aerial
Sabik fires two ziplines of golden light at the enemy from its pinions with great tracking. The victim is enveloped in a laser mesh and thrown downward.
[LABYRINTH_HEART.EXE] HP Square-button Ground+Aerial
Sabik smashes its hand into the left side of its chest and extracts a twisted core of frayed wires that pulse with golden light. Holding the command causes Sabik to hold the clump in front of it, which sprouts networks of light that gradually radiate from the core in a cross-shaped pattern. Releasing the command causes the cross of light to appear above the enemy, crashing upon and impaling it. Quickly reinput the command to cause Sabik to fire a horizontal crescent of light from its visor at the opponent immediately after the cross reappears.
Raiment ¦ SERENAHD EX Skill Triangle-button Ground+Aerial
Sabik brings it hands to its head, then braces its arms as in its Offical Nelo AnimationTM. It gains brief invincibility as it soars directly upwards in a wreath of golden flame, consuming all Alhilal stacks and ascending higher for each stack consumed. Remaining airborne for at least seven seconds after the use of Raiment allows for the use of Serenahd, where Sabik drops a huge, vaguely ship-shaped hunk of burning metal meteor-style on the opponent.


  • Character Level 10: Nadir
  • Offline Crystal Rank: A Few Screws Short of a Waffle Iron
  • 100 Ranked Wins: Gospel
  • 500 Ranked Wins: The Fifth Crusade
  • 1000 Ranked Wins: The Voice We Cannot See

Musical ThemesEdit


Rival BattleEdit



  • I ¦ ALWAYS ¦ am ¦ IN ¦ control ¦ HERE
  • You would look beautiful ¦ WITH A STONE ABOVE YOUR HEAD
  • All other lifeforms will ¦ NO LONGER BE SUPPORTED AS OF THIS UPDATE
  • [STATUS: 0BXE100UZ2Q_INVALID_10101110] ¦ Everything will be fine
    If HP is low
    If opponent is stronger
  • N E V E R ¦ Surrender
    If opponent is weaker


  • KING OF EVERYTHING ¦ And nothing ¦ SAME THING~~~
  • IT'S NOT ¦ enough ¦ NEVER ENOUGH
    If HP is low
    If opponent is stronger
    If opponent is weaker


  • Now¦KU ¦ I ¦KU¦ can ¦KU¦ see
  • [LOAD] ¦ Save ¦ [UNIT] ¦ our ¦ [DELETION] ¦ souls ¦ [PROTOCOL]
  • *Sabik dissolves in a howl of distorted laughter*
  • *Sabik crosses its hands, then splinters into thousands of shards*
    If opponent is stronger
  • YOU ¦ I ¦ ARE ¦ am ¦ NOTHING
    If opponent is weaker

Default SpecificEdit

  • Cynthia: "TERMINALLY ¦ Naive"
  • Rain: "DO YOU WANT ME TO CRY FOR YOU? ¦ All my tears have been used up"
  • Cinis: "Sail across the seas ¦ THE NOOSE WILL STILL BE WAITING"
  • Yuan: "Reach out your arms ¦ AND HANDCUFF YOURSELF"
  • Kayle: "EVERYONE ¦ wants ¦ WILL ¦ the ¦ BETRAY ¦ same ¦ YOU ¦ earth"
  • Jessie: "FOREVER ¦ just ¦ A ¦ lonely ¦ NUMBER"
  • Kasumi: "Beneath ¦ THE ¦ sakura ¦ LIES ¦ bones ¦ YOU ¦ have ¦ BURIED"
  • Deryk: "[LOAD_TEXT:MOTHER_REPEAT:INFINITE] ¦ Wrong hero"
  • Crono: "[MANIFEST_APPLICATION_BODACIOUS] ¦ Critical overload"
  • Jarkko: "Work until you live ¦ UNTIL LIVING DOESN'T WORK"
  • Clair: "GET IN THE CAR BITCH ¦ We're making parfaits"
  • Victor: "Who can trust you?¦ RECOMMENDATION: VASECTOMY"
  • Vylinn: "HOW PRECIOUS ¦ Youth"
  • April: "Hell will be ¦ FAR MORE EXCITING THAN ¦ your ¦ BEIGE EYE-BLINK OF ¦ existence"
  • Akito: "NICE LEGS YOU HAVE THERE ¦ I want them back"
  • 0: "YOU'LL FIND ¦ the peace of ¦ THE LORD"
  • 8: "TRASH SHOULD BE ¦ Discarded"
  • Noelle: "WHAT A POINTLESS FARCE OF MORALITY ¦ How refreshing"
  • Alice: "What do I see? ¦ THE MOON IS MADE OF CHEESE"
  • Ryuu: "The ¦ DEMONS ¦ call ¦ FROM ¦ within ¦ YOU"
  • Coatl: "Never wound a snake ¦ KILL IT"
  • Gin: "We ¦ NEVER ¦ learned ¦ HOW ¦ to ¦ DIE ¦ live"
  • Richter: "The stars ¦ PEARLS ¦ in ¦ BEFORE ¦ the sky ¦SWINE"
  • Zane: "PULL ¦ yourself ¦ THE ¦ together ¦ TRIGGER"
  • Oavyce: "Who can you trust?¦ RECOMMENDATION: ORCHIDECTOMY"
  • Insiminy: "AN OLD WOMAN DANCING ¦ A child searching for its heart"
  • Avec: "The blue bird flies ¦ AS FAR AS ITS STRINGS ALLOW IT"
  • Nex: "DELETE Y/Y? ¦ ...Y ¦ CORRECT"
  • Nelo: "Lord ¦ ASSPULL ¦ the ¦ MAGNIFICENT ¦ end"
  • Hale: "Do the right thing ¦ GO FUCK YOURSELF OFF A CLIFF"
  • Max: "One day we will understand ¦ WHO WE ARE"
  • Sokutei: "Do ¦ SORRY ¦ not ¦ I ¦ make ¦ CAN'T ¦ me ¦ REMEMBER"
  • Selena: "DEATH ¦ should ¦ NEVER ¦ be ¦ QUICK ¦ me"
  • Lance Knight: "You are in love ¦ WITH BEING QUEEN"
  • Seike: "Welcome to space ¦ YOU'LL NEVER WANT TO LEAVE"
  • Scarlet: "SCYTHES ARE HEREBY DECLARED ILLEGAL ¦ Penalty: death"
  • Meagan: "Who will you trust?¦ RECOMMENDATION: PROSTAT... PLEASE HOLD..."
  • Fick: "THE FOURTH REICH ¦ What could possibly go wrong"

Boss Specific Edit

  • Ragnarok: SUPERCELESTIAL ¦ thoughts ¦ SUBTERRANEAN ¦ actions
  • Genesis: Scythe concentrations at critical overload ¦ RECOMMENDATION: BLEACH
  • Eris: SOME "QUEEN" OF MADNESS¦ I am king
  • The Embodiment: YOU'RE A THIRD RATE PROCESSOR ¦ With a fourth-rate code
  • Amaterasu: THE ¦ false ¦ DAWN ¦ will ¦ NEVER ¦ rise ¦ AGAIN

DLC SpecificEdit

  • Chime: "I can hear ¦ NO YOU CAN'T~~~"
  • Corvus: "IT'S ONLY MURDER ¦ Only this and nothing more"
  • Loeve: "Such abundance ¦ WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?"
  • Acia: "A few grains ¦ SHORT OF AN HOURGLASS"
  • Korem: "ALL ¦ things ¦ FALL ¦ change ¦ APART"
  • Keruziel: "No punishment ¦ WITHOUT PUNS"
  • Ruriko: "THREE BLADES ON A SCYTHE ¦ Is this really necessary"
  • Draken: "The brightest star ¦ THE DULLEST MOON"
  • Rodger: "[$$$MAKE_IT_RAIN$$$] ¦ So you don't have to think"
  • Argence: "Resurrected ¦ LIMB BY LIMB"
  • Ruger: "THUMBS DOWN ¦ Throw them to the wolves"
  • Weir: "THUMBS UP ¦ Throw us to the lions"
  • Sanna: "Fly me to the moon ¦ LET'S LAY WASTE TO ALL THE STARS"
  • Caesura: "THE PUNISHMENT THAT AWAITS YOU ¦ Cannot be spoken aloud"
  • Solace: "Could ¦ NOT ¦ help ¦ ME ¦ any ¦ ANYMORE ¦ one"
  • Sabik: "{{{sabik}}}"
  • Delta: "{{{delta}}}"

Quotes Note
WHAT POPTARTS ¦ Shall we crucify today? Hello
Take your broken feet ¦ AND RUN Goodbye
Thank you
I KNEW YOU DIDN'T HEAR ANYTHING ¦ But I couldn't scream any louder I'm sorry
Before/After Battle
Change of strategy
Not leaving yet.
Try something new.
Show me how you fight.
That was a good fight.
Well done (to a specific character)
Response to thanks
Entrance Animation
Victory Animation
Victory/Highest score
Defeat Animation
Knocked out
He is dead ¦ I AM ALIVE Reviving
During Battle
Summon Core
Targeting (line shared between all enemies)
Three can keep a secret ¦ IF ALL OF THEM ARE DEAD Helping (line shared between allies)
Help me
Press the advantage
I must retreat
Something bad is coming
Please wait
I am ready
I've told you many times ¦ DON'T LIE Ignore what I said
Running out of time
We're winning
Psyche up
Response to apology
We're just about to win
I'm going all out
Come to me
Go away from me.
Summoning DiAbOlOs
Today is a day ¦ FOR VAPOR TRAILS Summoning White bird
Summoning Lotan
Summoning Keruziel
Summoning Azazel
Summoning Ghost-who-was-Queen
Summoning Jeff
Summon Battle
Against DiAbOlOs
Against White bird
Against Lotan
I HEAR YOU PLAY A MEAN GAME OF MAHJONG ¦ Any good at sungka? Against Azazel
She wants a successor? ¦ WRONG - SHE ONLY WANTS TO SUCCEED Against Ghost-who-was-Queen
Against Jeff
Against [Rival]
Character-Specific Encounter
LOOK, IT'S A MAGICAL GIRL ¦ Riveting Against Clair
Our hands have been rejected ¦ CAN WE BORROW YOURS? Against Annabelle
May we assist you ¦ WITH YOUR DAILY BATH OF ULTRAVIOLET Against Blade
THIS ONE IS VERY RAMBUNCTIOUS ¦ Sedative required Against Sorrow
How wholesome ¦ [TROJAN_HORSE.EXE] Against Joy
ARE THOSE BUTTERFLIES IN YOUR HAIR ¦ They don't suit you Against Saturnius
NOBODY ACTUALLY WANTS A FUCKING MARTYR ¦ They want to live Against Caesura
IS IT GETTING EASIER NOT TO CARE ¦ About who you are? Against Solace
I ¦ AM ¦ all ¦ THE ¦ people ¦ YOU ¦ will ¦ NEVER ¦ be Against Sabik
Against Sorrell
Against Edna
INVOKE HATE KNIGHT ¦ You called? Against S-Eyu
I am not here ¦ TO REMEMBER HOW WE DIED Against Ragya-Vara
We do not need your pity ¦ [INSERT_RELEVANT_ADJECTIVE] BITCH Against Varcadia
I'm tired of feeling ¦ LIKE I'M FUCKING CRAZY Against Quinzua
Against Colt
Against Logan
Against Nora
Against Aldin
Against Kaia
Against Blood Lord
We are familiar with three space languages ¦ RORQUAL, LUNACY, AND KOREAN Against Amakir
BREAKFAST, LUNCH, AND DINNER ¦ Why fight when you can eat Against Betty & Alice
ERROR: DIVISION BY ZERO ¦ We are exactly the sum of our parts Against Julian
Against Ava
Against Mother
We play vuvuzelas ¦ WE ARE VUVUZELAS Against Ellie
Against Alyssa
Against Iocus
Against Loeve
Against Inohime
Against Genesis
Against Concord
No one star brings light ¦ TO THE VOID ALONE Against Reni
WHERE IS THE TURKEY HAT ¦ I was promised a turkey hat Against Iae
You should smile once in a while ¦DO YOU MISS YOUR FRIENDLY SPINDLY BAT THING? Against Evon
Toy ¦ CACK Against Card Plüss
WE ALSO SPECIALIZE IN EGGS... WOULD YOU LIKE ONE? ¦ Or perhaps four? Against Kaeber
Against Charleigh
Fishing for the moon...? ¦ TRY SOME DIFFERENT BAIT Against Nam Mo
I ACCEPT CHAOS ¦ I do not know if the feeling is mutual Against Noltia
Existence ¦ NOT ¦ defined ¦ IN ¦ terms ¦ OF ¦ control Against Delta
Do you know what lies beyond your blue sky? ¦ ASPHYXIATION Against Ruger

Story SpecificEdit

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