"I've forgotten what I had before all this. What of it? Worthless, all of it. I'll still be here tomorrow, if nothing kills me. That's what matters. Your life is only made up of what you haven't done yet. And I'm nowhere near finished."

SC S-Eyu


Character Type: Vanguard
Origin: Angel Ataraxia: Defeat

S-Eyu is a character in Dissidia Calamitas Infinita NT originally from Angel Ataraxia: Defeat. After being framed and wrongfully imprisoned for one of the most heinous crimes in the Universe - harboring a Rosary - he somehow endures his entire life sentence without having aged a single day, only to find himself suddenly bombarded with a terrifying new power upon exposure to the world that has forgotten about him. After being informed of his hidden power as a Tyrant and his role in the struggles to come, S-Eyu rejects it all and instead endeavors to return to anonymity and life.


Originally a humble, self-sacrificing, virtuous man, S-Eyu is twisted and somewhat disturbed after being forced to endure a life sentence of solitary confinement for a crime he did not commit. The embodiment of an animal forced to become amoral and violent in order to survive. Wrathful and often sadistic, he is quick to punish those he deems his enemy in any way he can. A tiny part of his original self remains, though, and he is generally tolerant and even at times supportive of those he has no issue with. A loner.


S-Eyu is a tall and bulky man that, despite spending over two hundred years in the most high-security prison in the universe, doesn't look a day over 29. He wears a standard black space-faring normal suit that fits his body well, but wears a ragged black-and-red cloak over it that tends to dramatically flare or move about in response to his wild moods. He looks almost insane, with a long, unkempt mane of greasy black hair, deep bags and wrinkles beneath perpetually narrowed eyes that glow with golden Tyrant light when he is excited or angered (which is most of the time).


  • Ruin Imprisoned I - Default.
  • Ruin Imprisoned II - 2nd coloration. All white recolor.
  • Ruin Imprisoned III - 3rd coloration. Recolors his cloak a dirty sand-beige and his normal suit to silver-blue.
  • Demon Beast - 1st alternate costume. Features a baggier black normal suit with red accents and a calf-length black and red coat. S-Eyu sports shorter hair in this costume, allowing more of his face to be shown than usual. Designed by Nelo.


S-Eyu's weapons, called his "Ruin Arsenal", range from various rifles / weapons summoned by his Tyrant powers to manifestations of his Unarmor, the Hate Knight Vashtu.

  • Hate Knight - Default. Includes a beam rifle, two beam pistols, a crowbar, a rusty chain, and more. Mostly rusted or steel painted.
  • Gate of Babylon - Alternate recolor. All gold weapons.



He had not killed a soul. Nothing. But they imprisoned him anyway. Something about golden eyes. Evil. He had not understood it then and never could wrap his mind around it for the next hundred and fifty years. He never was a reading man, but a thing he read all those years ago said a thing about eyes being the preview of a man’s soul. He never understood what made the golden eyes so evil – he never questioned it, of course, no one did. What was the danger of a soul that was exceedingly bright? Was it not a good thing? And were those golden-eyed-demons not docile and normal until hunted?

The next hundred and fifty years. They came and went and lasted forever and he lasted too. He felt he understood the word “forever” more than any man that had ever lived. The worst part was not being forced to live alone in one room for a hundred and fifty years. Nor was it the fact that he lived through it all and never aged a day. The worst part was that he did not deserve it.

To think was new again suddenly and he did not expect it. Something had awoken him. He had trained himself not to think by the seventeenth year when he felt there was nothing new to hate. By the thirty-fourth year his imprisonment became so routine he barely opened his eyes for all the days. A long time ago he had lost count of the years. There was something new now. The door to his room opened.

A beast walked inside and fastened handcuff bands to his wrists. When they were both on him a red light blinked on them both and translucent red chains appeared and held his two wrists together. He could not look away from the beast. The thing stood on two legs and moved smooth enough to unnerve him; it blinked slowly and did not bother to let its eyes rest over him. Everything of it was black except the face.

The beast pulled him up by the chains between his wrist and led him outside the room. There was an energy in its limbs like nothing the prisoner had ever seen before. On its waist it wore a silver belt and a gun hung from it. Its back was straight. Outside the cell was white everywhere except for the windows of light-glass that showed just black in every direction. Too vast, too dark.

He stopped breathing. One hundred and fifty years and everything changed just like that. Everything outside was dark like he had never seen before. Breakfast was supposed to be served in exactly forty minutes and thirteen seconds (now twelve, after tripping and beginning to gasp for air); he had just awoken and was in his bed watching when the man entered. The man. He stared at the man’s back and squinted his eyes. A man had taken him out of his room and was leading him somewhere. He understood now.

“Why,” he grunted, finding his throat raw. He could not think well yet. “Where?”

The man did not answer. His fingers clenched on the translucent chains.

The guard brought him along the long hallway that sang with each of their footsteps. They came to a single door and the guard opened it and brought the prisoner inside. He led the prisoner to a corner and let go of the chains to walk away and press a panel on the wall. Translucent bars appeared just like the chains and holed the prisoner into the corner. The guard went to a large collection of screens and monitors across the room and, turning his back on the prisoner and even bending forward a bit so that his back bent like an arc of light, began to press on the keyboards and buttons in front of the monitors. Lights flared and sounds erupted and he spoke to the computers.

“Why,” the prisoner practiced, glancing intermittently from the chains between his wrists to the bars of translucent silver light holding him into the corner of the room and then to the oddly bent back of the guard. “Why?” He remembered how the holograms worked somehow, how they held mass and volume but were virtually weightless. He realized late that he was still imprisoned. With remembering came the beating of his heart and then the surging of his lungs and his voice. “Why,” he asked, rising, more desperate. He reached back and tried to remember more questions or more words but found nothing. He pushed himself forward against the silvery bars, jumping at first from the cold of them. It rung in his chest. He tried to pass through them but was too large, or they were too close together. After two tries he knew he could not get through them. He looked back up to the back of the man.

He abruptly pressed a button on the desk surface and the screens turned to black. The silence of a hundred fifty years returned and rang in the prisoner’s ears, sending his skin crawling. “Why?” he asked, to fill the silence. The other man turned and pressed on the panel of slick white buttons on the wall near the prisoner’s hologram jail. “Your eyes,” the guard said, not looking at the prisoner. “Because of your damn eyes.” The prisoner watched every movement the guard made and did not think. The bars disappeared and left behind an odor that tickled the prisoner’s nose. The man walked toward the prisoner and looked him in the eyes and when he did the prisoner jumped. He slammed his head into the guard’s and tackled him and the two fell to the ground hard. The guard’s head bounced onto the floor and he jerked. The prisoner could not force his hands apart so he clasped them together and slammed them down onto the guard’s face again and again. The guard pushed the prisoner up and kneed him in the stomach and pulled out his gun and shot it. There was heat in the prisoner’s chest. He landed on the wall and coughed but used the force to rush forward again. The guard’s face was covered in red and he moved slowly. The prisoner tackled him again and let his knee land on the guard’s arm. It bent at an angle and the guard screamed. His eyes were clenched shut and covered in the red. The prisoner gripped the sides of the guard’s head and slammed it onto the ground, once twice (and here the guard stopped screaming) three four five (and here the guard stopped clawing at the prisoner’s chest) six seven eight (and here the guard stopped jerking) nine ten eleven times. Then it was silent again. The prisoner’s hands fell away.

He was covered in the red too. “Your damn eyes,” the guard said without moving his mouth. “Eyes, damn you. Damn your eyes.” The words echoed on the walls and ricocheted into a different order and clung to the prisoner’s neck like hands again. The guard was completely still so the prisoner was now too. “Because of your damn eyes.” He moved without thinking again. The prisoner’s hands shook as he raised them again and plucked out the guard’s eyes. It was not an easy thing, with his hands slippery in the red and the eyelids clenched shut and the skull deflated on the ground but it was done in sixty-eight seconds. Then he held two brown eyes in his hands with red cords still connecting them to the insides of the man’s head.

He pushed himself off the dead guard and breathed while on his hands and knees. He felt the wound on his chest right between his lungs and pressed a finger through it. The blood flowed around it. It came out slower now. He would not die from this.


  • Character Level 10: Knight of Hate
  • Offline Crystal Rank: Heir of Ruin
  • 100 Ranked Wins: The Defeated
  • 500 Ranked Wins: The Deathless
  • 1000 Ranked Wins: Gold-Eye Forever King

Musical ThemesEdit

Rival ThemesEdit

  • VS Ragya-Vara or Varcadia: GOODBYE MYSELF, originally "Phantasmagorical Secret Spiral"


Type: Vanguard
Gimmick: Hate Knight

A fierce, offensive-based character, S-Eyu is a master of protracted close-quarter battle and triumph. He fights with many different weapons and ranges, and is a reliable rushdown option for almost any team setup. He is somewhat tricky to master because many of his attacks are slow and vary between mid range personal attacks that send him quickly moving about and mid~long range attacks that leave him stationary but summon his Unarmor to sweep across great distances. It is possible for a good S-Eyu player to dominate from any range, but at the same time it is easy to be caught out of prime range and taken down quickly, as he has few close range options and little in the way of AoE / damage control attacks.

His unique skill Boundless Ruin increases his Brave damage the lower the lives left to his team, culminating in a 25% increase in damage dealt when only one life remains.


Move Type Input Priority Effect
Invoke Hate Knight EX-Skill Triangle-button
S-Eyu raises his hands aloft and starts to slowly float in the air. For 10 seconds he floats upward, slowly summoning more parts of Vashtu to appear around him until a miniature version of its upper half surrounds him. If left unharmed until the end of the animation, he teleports behind the targeted enemy and deals unblockable / unavoidable HP damage. The attack may be canceled out of. If successful, the attack may not be used again until S-Eyu dies.


Move Type Input Priority Effect
Hate Swipe: Savage-Eyed Ground Circle-button
Like a feral beast, S-Eyu lunges forward a bit and swipes horizontally twice with his hands. If charged, will summon two long lengths of metal from the Unarmor to attack in lieu of his hands, leaving S-Eyu stationary but greatly increasing attack range.
Hate Rush: Decay-Forged Ground ↑+Circle-button
S-Eyu summons a finger of Hate Knight Vashtu and holds onto it as a sword, rushing forward in a storm of slashes, kicks, and punches. If charged, S-Eyu instead remains stationary, but summons Vashtu's entire forearm to swipe around him in all directions forward.
Ruin Ravish Ground ↓+Circle-button
S-Eyu pulls forth a summoned laser beam rifle and fires it onto the enemy. A notably useful ranged option, as it fires a beam straight from S-Eyu to the enemy he is targeting; weak homing, but long range.
Hate Rush: Million Hour Aerial Circle-button Melee Potent
S-Eyu summons a handful of grenades and rushes forward suddenly, pummeling the enemy before kicking them away and allowing the grenades to explode on them, sending them flying toward the nearest surface. If charged, he summons the internal skeleton of Vashtu's four arms to attack with him, dealing more damage but removing the Wall-Rush-able explosion effect.
Hate Waist: Umbra-Unend Aerial ↑+Circle-button
S-Eyu wraps his cloak around himself and spins toward the enemy, firing out beam pistol shots that burst from his cloak in every direction as he bursts forward. If charged, he simply wraps himself in a cloak and roars as Vashtu fires forth two railgun cannons from his waist to the targeted enemy.
Annual Apocalypse, Again Aerial ↓+Circle-button
Summoning two fingers of the Hate Knight to use as swords, S-Eyu dives downward, impaling any he comes in contact with before stomping them into the ground. Useful as a fast fall or escape move.
Hate Jump: Torture-Towers Dash R+Circle-button
S-Eyu summons the shoulders of Vashtu behind him, using their rocket thrusters to send him bursting forward toward the enemy. If charged, he remains stationary, but fires a multitude of missiles toward all enemies from shoulder-mounted rockets.


Move Obtained Input Priority Effect
Guiltless Lv.1 Square-button
S-Eyu rushes forward and grabs the enemy's neck with both hands. After kneeing them in the stomach a few times, he tosses them into the air and fires on them with multiple beam rifles.
Villification Lv.2 Square-button
S-Eyu bends over and roars, summoning various stalks of metal from parts of Vashtu to burst from his back and claw up toward the ceiling. Can have almost immediate output, but if charged, the height of the metal increases.
Decadence Lv.5 Square-button
S-Eyu summons the chest-mounted cannon of "Hate Knight Vashtu" to fire a great beam of energy right into the enemy. Can be charged for a much larger beam and longer attack duration.
Defeat Lv.10 Square-button
A counter. Melee only. S-Eyu wraps his cloak around him; if hit, a crystal spear becomes impaled within him as S-Eyu leaves the enemy stunned by the glare of his Tyrant Eyes. Ripping forth the weapon from his chest, S-Eyu rushes in front of the enemy almost immediately and slams the weapon into them, breaking the lance upon impact and dealing HP damage without fail.

Quotes Note
"Out of my way." Hello
"What do you want?" Hello
(A threat...?) Hello
(...Not an enemy. Yet.) Goodbye
"Go away." Goodbye
"Did you have to talk to me?" Goodbye
"Didn't need any help." Thank you
"I'll leave you alone, alright?" I'm sorry
"Whatever." Yes
"I refuse!!" No
"So... you think you understand." Generic
"A convict is just a sacrifice. A worthless life." Generic
"Go rot with the dead in space." Generic
"You think your gods mean a thing to me?" Generic
"There is a reason I've lived this long... gained this power... Do you wish to find out?" Generic
"I will never repent for choosing to survive!!" Generic
"What loses, dies. If you wish to survive, you have to kill!" Generic
"I know what I've become. But I won't be stopped." Generic
"I am no god. And maybe I'm not a man anymore, either..." Generic
"If this universe wishes to survive... it will have to defeat me! There is no other way!" Generic
S-Eyu glares at the camera / enemy and lowers himself to a beast-like stance, his hands hidden by his cloak. Entrance Animation
"Everything. I will end everything, if that is what it takes!" Entrance
"I will stop at nothing to live!!" Entrance
[indistinct, hateful screaming] Entrance
S-Eyu rises from his stance and turns his back on the enemy, speaking a little before walking away from the fight. Victory Animation
"What a waste. I didn't have time for this." Victory
"You could never have defeated me with eyes like those." Victory
"This power... Nothing will stop me now!" Victory/Highest score
Arms aloft, S-Eyu readies another attack, but a great red lance pierces him from behind and impales him to the ground, leaving his last words hanging over him. Defeat Animation
"Everything I've lost... for what?" Defeat
"Curse you, and your gods!" Defeat
"Is this what I've lived to accomplish? Failure?" Defeat
"This isn't over!" Knocked out
"Hahaha! You thought you could kill me?!" Reviving
"Face chaos!" Summoning DiAbOlOs
"Two Unarmors... Even the Goddess will fall now!" Summoning White bird
"Freeze time itself!" Summoning Lotan
"Show this world what true justice is!" Summoning Keruziel
"Bleed them dry, and drink their weakness!" Summoning Azazel
"This power... Go forth, this endless suffering!" Summoning Ghost-who-was-Queen
"This... isn't my style... but kill them anyway!" Summoning Jeff
Summon Battle
"You... I know this darkness. Is that... your true name?" Against DiAbOlOs
"You may not erase me. We shall see whose hatred will win!" Against White bird
"I have long since forgotten the weaknesses of sorrows." Against Lotan
"I have nothing to repent for." Against Keruziel
"Disgusting demon... It would be hell, to never be able to die!" Against Azazel
"I... I have seen you before." Against Ghost-who-was-Queen
"I've never seen anything like this..." Against Jeff
"I don't care how many of you there are, you faker. You will never stop me from getting home!" Against Ragya-Vara
Character-Specific Encounter
"...You're annoying." Against Clair
"Death, then rebirth... What's the point?" Against Annabelle
"You win, you live. Simple as that." Against Blade
"You've got to take action, or the universe will just keep killing guys like us!" Against Sorrow
"I wonder if someone still pines for me at home..." Against Joy
"Everything on the knife-edge of imbalance..." Against Saturnius
"Don't act like you know a thing about me." Against Caesura
"There is no solace to be found in solitude." Against Solace
"And I thought I was a freak." Against Sabik
"Your body will stay pretty warm in all that long after you're dead, won't it?" Against Sorrell
Against Edna
"Or maybe... I exist only like this." Against S-Eyu
"Shit... Gotta take this seriously, now." Against Ragya-Vara
"That Goddess you love so much... I'll kill her myself!" Against Varcadia
"Judge me all you wish. I am only innocent!" Against Quinzua
Against Colt
Against Logan
Against Nora
Against Aldin
"Don't need your bullshit magic to know the Goddess has it out for me." Against Kaia
Against Blood Lord
"It's people like you that deserve prison time." Against Amakir
"I used to be a slacker like you. A real waste of a life." Against Betty & Alice
"No one's putting me behind bars again!!" Against Julian
Against Ava
"Some kind of automaton...? No... creepier." Against Mother
"Hmph. Naive. Childish. Not yet broken." Against Ellie
Against Alyssa
"Just shut up and try to kill me already. Please." Against Iocus
"Not interested in stupid tricks." Against Loeve
Against Inohime
"Soon, the dream will end..." Against Genesis
Against Concord
Against Reni
"It would have been mercy to kill me a long time ago." Against Iae
Against Evon
"The others might not know, but I can tell how old you really are." Against Card Plüss
"What was that? Come a little closer. I can't reach your pretty little neck from here, bastard." Against Kaeber
Against Charleigh
"Don't look at me like that. You'd have done the same in my situation, right?" Against Nam Mo
"Who the hell taught you to do all that?" Against Noltia
"How could you be so powerful, yet so weak?" Against Delta
"I see your pain... but I will not let it halt me." Against Ruger


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