SC Reni

Reni Lintere
Character Type: Vanguard
Origin: Green Tea Eorzea



  • Allagan Warrior: Featuring the intricate magenta and black armor plating and skirt worn by knights of the long-lost Allagan Empire, salvaged deep within the ruins of the Ragnarok. Pictured at right, art by Nelo. In magenta and black, sapphire and gray, and gold and black.
  • Walker of the Steppe: Shirtless wearing the talisman and tribal sleeve tattoo of the Miqo'te of the South Seas tribes, and long, loose sashed slacks of the Xaela tribes of the Far East. To Reni, represents a fusion of the cultures he has visited and how his travels have changed him from the naïve Miqo'te boy he once was. In gray and orange, brown and red, and green and black.


  • Dreadwyrm Bardiche: A deep-sapphirine greataxe blade adorned by gilded horns figurative of the Meracydian dragon god Bahamut. Forged from the bones and scales of the corpse of the selfsame dragon.
  • Titan's Axe: A gigantic, glowing axe made of solid rock lined with cracks that glow topaz and surrounded by an earthly glow. Looks gaudy to wield, but Reni swings it around with ease.
  • Furry Given Form: A bone-white axe whose head is comprised of curved scythe-like blades in layers. While the name is believed to be an inside joke gone horribly wrong, Reni refuses to go into any detail no matter the provocation.


  • Character Level 10: Catboy
  • Offline Crystal Rank: Ex-Garlean
  • 100 Ranked Wins: Defeatist
  • 500 Ranked Wins: Save My Sister
  • 1000 Ranked Wins: The Beast Within

Musical ThemesEdit


"You'll find yourself, one way or another."
- Character intro

Class: Vanguard


Move Type Input Priority Effect
Shake It Off EX-Skill Triangle-button
Reni instantly sloughs off anyone attacking him, dealing no damage but knocking them back slightly, and stunning them. Can be used at any time, even (especially) when being attacked. Enemies in a small radius of him are still knocked back, though slightly less. Reni can combo directly from Shake It Off into another attack. Does not stun enemies in the middle of an HP attack, but still knocks them back.
Defiance Special See below
Reni can Guard Cancel out of moves faster than normal. Additionally, Reni can launch attacks directly from guard.


Move Type Input Priority Effect
Fell Cleave Ground Circle-button
Single heaving forward swing, very little travel. If it connects, deals several extra Bravery hits before launching the enemy back.
Butcher's Block Ground ↑+Circle-button
Three strong hits, each one gradually stepping forward. First hit has large horizontal coverage, second hit has large vertical coverage. Final hit knocks enemy straight backwards a fair distance.
Tomahawk Ground ↓+Circle-button
Throws a single large axe at the enemy. Fast moving, long range, weak homing. Can guard cancel immediately out of this attack.
Storm's Eye Aerial Circle-button
Backs up a small amount (effectively performing a small dodge), then charge forward, swinging several times by pressing X twice more if the first hit connects.
Maim Aerial ↑+Circle-button
Drop diagonally forward and down (mostly down) very quickly towards the target with an overhead axe swing. Good vertical range.
Raw Intuition Aerial ↓+Circle-button
Immediately parries any Bravery attack received. On successful parry, stuns the enemy and follows up with several Bravery hits that drive both Reni and his target forward, and grant Reni super armor for the duration of the strikes. Can block HP attacks, but does not lead to follow-up attacks - only prevents the damage from the HP attack itself, and briefly stuns Reni.
Upheaval Dash (Ground) R+Circle-button
Drags axe along the ground, siphoning a series of very tall vertical pillars of erupted earth in the direction of the target.
Onslaught Dash (Aerial) R+Circle-button
Shoulder tackle towards your target. This is performed at the same speed as the dash, and as such can be somewhat difficult to see.


Move Obtained Input Priority Effect
Inner Beast Lv.1 Square-button
Lunges slightly forward swinging hard, dealing a single hit that sends the enemy flying back. On successful hit, restores HP equal to 10% of damage dealt and grants Reni a 20% defense boost for fifteen seconds.
Steel Cyclone Lv.2 Square-button
Spins around several times with his axe, hitting enemies near him several times and creating a vacuum effect. Small radius but very large vertical range. Final hit deals HP damage and knocks all enemies radially back. Reni is immobile for the duration of this attack.
Storm's Path Lv.5 Square-button
Shoots a tall vertical wave of cyclonic and earthen energy at the opponent with weak homing, then shoots a second one immediately after. Second wave re-homes on the target.
Decimate Lv.10 Square-button
Rears back, then slams down his axe with enough force to crack the ground open. If used aerially, the attack will dash Reni straight to the ground, taking along with him anyone caught in his path.

Quotes Note
"Evening." Hello
"'Night." Goodbye
"'preciate it." Thank you
"Fuck, sorry." I'm sorry
"Yeah." Yes
"Mm, no." No
"Look in the mirror, what do you see?" Generic
"You haven't truly lived unless you've been willing to give your life to another cause." Generic
"Fucking bullshit, all of it." Generic
"You won't always like what you find." Generic
"Mm... you're kinda hot." Generic
Before/After Battle
"Got a better idea." Change of strategy
"Tootles." Leaving
"Still need me?" Not leaving yet.
"Once more, with feeling." Try something new.
"I'll watch." Show me how you fight.
"Nicely done." That was a good fight.
"I'm following (2/3)." Well done (to a specific character)
"No worries." Response to thanks
Axe falls from the sky and implants itself into the ground, head-first. Reni walks up from offscreen and pulls it out, swinging it up casually to his shoulders. Entrance animation
"I'll get the big, ugly one." Entrance
"Hope we all get something outta this." Entrance
Reni hurls his greataxe into the ground, leans on the handle, runs his hand through his hair, and gives a small nod to the camera. Victory animation
"Managed not to fuck it up this time." Victory
"We did pretty well." Victory
Reni drops his axe to the ground, stumbles forward with a rageful grimace on his face that gives way to sorrow, and collapses to the ground. Defeat animation
"No! NO! FUCK! Damnit..." Defeat
"This is my fault... All my fault..." Defeat
"Fuck, not again..." Knocked out
"I've got it!" Reviving
During Battle
"Don't lose sight of the core!" Summon Core
"Summon, together!" Summoning
Targeting (line shared between all enemies)
Helping (line shared between allies)
Help me
Press the advantage
I must retreat
Something bad is coming
Please wait
I am ready
Ignore what I said
Running out of time
We're winning
Psyche up
Response to apology
We're just about to win
I'm going all out
Come to me
Go away from me.
"What do you see? Nothing! Nothing at all!" Summoning DiAbOlOs
"Total annihilation." Summoning White bird
"Do unto them what has been done unto you." Summoning Lotan
"Accomplish what our petty fighting cannot!" Summoning Keruziel
"Release your inner beast!" Summoning Azazel
"Show them their inner despair!" Summoning Ghost-who-was-Queen
"We are you friends! Fight for us!" Summoning Jeff
Summon Battle
"No darkness you inflict upon me will be deeper than the darkness I have seen within myself." Against DiAbOlOs
"Why do I feel pity...?" Against White bird
"I do not wish to return you to your prison. Only to quell the storm." Against Lotan
"Have a fucking field day, my dear." Against Keruziel
"All right, you bastard. Monster against monster!" Against Azazel
"All that anger, and nothing to make of it..." Against Ghost-who-was-Queen
"You know not the pain of betraying your friends." Against Jeff

Quotes Note
Against Clair
Against Annabelle
Against Blade
Against Sorrow
Against Joy
Against Saturnius
Against Caesura
Against Solace
Against Sabik
Against Sorrell
Against Edna
Against S-Eyu
Against Ragya-Vara
Against Varcadia
Against Jagger
Against Rex
Against Katja
Against Nora
Against Aldin
Against Kaia
Against Blood Lord
Against Amakir
Against Betty & Alice
Against Julian
Against Ava
Against Mother
Against Ellie
Against Alyssa
Against Iocus
Against Loeve
Against Inohime
Against Genesis
Against Concord
"I've long dreamed of this opportunity..." Against Reni
"I have hurt you more times than I can count. I deserve no mercy." Against Iae
"After all we've been through...?" Against Evon
Against Card
Against Kaeber
Against Charleigh
Against Nam Mo
Against Noltia
Against Delta
Against Ruger


Reni is a Seeker of the Sun Miqo'te from Eorzea of the Final Fantasy XIV universe. Rather short for the males of his race, his lithe figure and gently bronzed skin, along with brilliant golden eyes and the general frame in which he holds himself, makes him the envy of many of his kin in appearance. His natural hair color is white, but he frequently dyes and highlights it based on his whims and ever-changing mood. In fashion, he is not shy when it comes to baring skin, and his favorite outfits are not so much clothing as overly ornate accentuations to his exposed body. His sense of fashion tends more towards the "gaudy" side, enjoying bright colors and rainbow mixtures to more mature, subdued palettes, and he is very vocal when he finds people who demonstrate this in their own fashion, quick to idolize those of similar or greater attractiveness. His Astrologian (Dissidia character) appearance features black hair with bright topaz highlights, an undyed Hailstorm Coat of Healing, a rose wristlet, Welkin Breeches, and black-dyed Hailstorm Boots of Healing, with the Deneb as his weapon of choice. An alternate costume features the South Seas Talisman, the same rose wristlet, Dreadwyrm Tonban of Healing, and Lord's Sandals.


Reni's backstory is consistent with that of the main character through FFXIV: A Realm Reborn (2.0 - 2.55 part 2); after the destruction from within of the Crystal Braves, he decides to lay low and take on odd jobs in Ul'dah until the whole situation blows over. He only emerges into the public spotlight upon hearing of the mysterious attack on Iae Kallinar, and the subsequent return of his sister Morgan Lintere from the far eastern land of Radz-at-Han, as detailed in Iae's Story. Reni's Story will continue from where Iae's Story leaves off.

As a person, Reni is generally friendly and always willing to help others, but his moods can be frenetic to say the least, switching between joviality and anger as easily as the winds blow, and back just as quick. He has many acquaintances and very few close friends, but he is willing to give anything for those whom he holds dear, and the merest slight against them will incur nothing short of his full wrath. When things are not going his way, he is quite the loud whiner, but when real problems emerge, he is quick to blame himself, either as a defensive tactic or to draw ire away from friends who would otherwise blame each other or themselves. He is deeply conflicted that the good deeds he does are not meant for good but for recognition by his peers, and that he is truly much more selfish and evil a person than he is made out to be. He engages in a friendly rival with his sister, Morgan, but at a deep level is extremely jealous of how much she has accomplished of her own volition, and feels that he will never truly be as good as he makes her out to be.

Battle (Original/012 Moveset)Edit

Reni Lintere
Instrument of the Stars- A quick, close to mid-range mage who uses a Fate Deck to gain special effects and augment his attacks.

At a basic level, Reni is a simple character to play: close to mid range, quick, low-damage magic attacks and relatively straightforward HP attacks that rely on both direct assaults and trapping the enemy. Many of his attacks are designed to work together to pressure the enemy more and more over time, until they have no choice but to fall to one of his attacks. This is spiced up by the addition of the Fate Deck: his first level brave attack, this lets him draw one random card out of a pool of six. This card not only gives Reni a buff that persists for 60 seconds, but it augments two or more of his attacks. This makes him a tricky foe to play against, as his arsenal will dynamically change over the course of the fight, along with his weaknesses. He excels in aerial combat as a counter-melee as well as against mid-range foes with projectile attacks, but he has a hard time taking down excessively fast or ground-based characters, as well as characters who work at long range, due to his own lack of range.

Brave AttackEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained
Fate Draw Ground/Aerial N/A Initial
[Personal] Draw one of six cards from the Astrologian's Fate Deck:

Balance: Increases Reni's damage by 10%, but increases damage received by 10%.
Bole: Increases Reni's defense by 10%.
Arrow: Increases Reni's movement speed by 10%, and increases the startup speed of his attacks.
Spear: Increases the range of Reni's ranged attacks by 25%.
Ewer: Increases the rate at which Reni's EX Gauge increases by 20%.
Spire: Increases the rate at which Reni's Assist Gauge increases by 20%.
Additionally, each card augments one or two Bravery attacks and one HP attack, as designated below. Each card effect lasts 60 seconds, and Fate Draw can be used at most once per 20 seconds. Each card effect overrides any other active card effect.

Malefic Ground/Aerial Initial
[Close/Medium] Shoot a small bolt of white magical energy at the enemy.

If under the effect of Arrow, the delay after using this attack becomes extremely short, but the enemy stagger time also shortens.

Stella Aerial Initial
[Close]Fire a small ball of gray energy at the enemy at short range with somewhat weak homing. If it lands, the enemy is briefly slowed and their dodge distance shortened.

If under the effect of Spear, the attack's homing is greatly increased, and it pursues the enemy a longer distance.

Combust Ground Level 10
[Medium] Detonates a cluster of blue magical orbs around the enemy, dealing bravery damage for each one hit.

If under the effect of Spire, this may chain to Combust II once, regardless of positioning.

Combust II Aerial Level 10
[Medium] Creates a large blue magical orb at the enemy's position, with a minor draw-in effect that hits several times for bravery damage if it connects.

If under the effect of Spire, this may chain to Combust once, regardless of positioning.

Aero Aerial Level 25
[Personal] A very quickly activating whorl of wind surrounds Reni, dispelling any projectiles and launching backward any enemies that are near, without doing any damage.

If under the effect of Bole, the shield remains for several seconds, reflecting projectiles for its duration (but having no effect on enemies after the initial usage).

Malefic II Ground/Aerial Level 37
[Medium] Drops a large bolt of violet energy from over the enemy's head. If close to the ground, this will ground smash for extra bravery damage.

If under the effect of Balance, several smaller bolts of energy will surround it that can trap the enemy for extra damage, and the downward knockback force is increased significantly, almost guaranteeing a ground smash.

Aspected Benefic Ground Level 55
[Personal] Creates a personal shield that blocks a single Bravery hit. Lasts for 10 seconds.

If under the effect of Ewer, the shield rewards a small amount of bravery and EX gauge when dispelled.

HP AttackEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained
Gravity Ground/Aerial Initial
[Close/Medium] Conjures a large white orb at the enemy's position that remains stationary on the map. If the enemy gets close, it draws them in and deals a few hits of bravery damage before they hit the core, dealing HP damage and dissipating the orb. The orb, if left alone, will dissipate after 60 seconds. No more than 5 orbs can exist on the field at any time.

If under the effect of Ewer, Reni gradually gains EX gauge while there are gravity orbs on the field.

Comet Aerial Initial
[Close/Medium] Spawns a small homing comet that chases the enemy through the air for several seconds, dealing HP damage on hit.

If under the effect of Spear, the comet stays airborne for much longer, and Reni can cast other spells while the comet chases.

Celestial Opposition Ground/Aerial Level 10
[Close] Reni channels for 2 seconds, emanating a radial projection of starlight out from himself. Any enemy that is near enough to this starlight gets trapped in it, juggled for several small hits of bravery damage before it detonates for HP damage, launching the enemy straight upward.

If under the effect of Bole, the channeling time doubles but the radius increases by a factor of 3, increasing its range to Medium.

Meteor Ground Level 20
[Long] Summons a meteor from the heavens to drop down on the foe. The meteor itself spawns from very far away, but travels towards the ground with high speed. Deals no bravery damage, but automatically ground smashes if it hits. If it intercepts an aerial foe, it will drag them all the way to the ground.

If under the effect of Balance, several smaller meteors will accompany it, increasing its effective radius and trapping the enemy in the smaller bravery hits.

Essential Dignity Ground Level 30
[Personal] Instantly converts all of Reni's bravery to his HP, while greatly reducing bravery regeneration to base. Can only be used if Reni's HP is lower than half, and cannot restore an amount greater than Reni's max HP, over the course of the entire fight.

If under the effect of Spire, bravery regeneration to base is almost instantaneous.

Flare Star Aerial Level 40
[Variable] Detonates a giant black explosion at all deployed Gravity spheres on the map, dissipating all the spheres in the process.

If under the effect of Arrow, the size is reduced but the detonation is almost instantaneous.

EX ModeEdit

Reni's EX Mode is Temporal Savant. While in this state, Reni gains several advantages:
- Regen: Gradually regenerates HP.
- Royal Road: The beneficial effects of Reni's cards are doubled.
- Time Dilation: Reni's movement speed increases by 10%, and the movement speed of all enemies is reduced by 10%. This includes dashing and dodge distance.
- Lightspeed: The delay before all of Reni's attacks are greatly reduced, but the attacks deal less damage.

Reni's EX Burst is "Limit Break!". Reni will throw his planisphere in the air and six cards will swirl around him at high speed. Similar to Gilgamesh's EX Burst, you must time a press of the X button to select the Balance card when it appears.
- Failure: '"Breath of Life": Instead of damage, Reni is healed for the amount of bravery he possesses.
- Success: "Astral Stasis": The enemy is frozen in a black abyss that glows with the light of an infinitude of stars, drawn out in myriad constellations. The enemy is shocked for several large bravery hits before a final HP hit that also heals Reni for the same amount.


Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Description
Aldebaran 50 ATK+15, BRV+15, Initial Assist Gauge +5%
Deneb 90 ATK+30, BRV+30, Initial Assist Gauge +15%
Coruscane 100 ATK+40, BRV+40, Initial Assist Gauge +30%, Extra HP to BRV,

Minor "Assist Critical Boost" Effect
"All we are is the sum of our impact on others..."

Related AccessoriesEdit

Accessory Description/Effect Acquired
Welkin's Desire N/A LUK+1 Battlegen
Welkin's Dream N/A LUK+2 Battlegen
Welkin's Hopes N/A LUK+3 Battlegen

Musical ThemesEdit



  • Are you sure? I don't want to hurt you!
  • We are but instruments of the stars. Tune yourself well.
  • I hope we both walk away from this happy!
  • Twelve keep you.
  • Crap... Keep it together, Reni...
    If HP is low
  • I will still hold what's mine...
    If HP is low
  • Oh... Oh my.
    If opponent is stronger
  • You may beat me, you may cut me, but you may not end me.
    If opponent is stronger
  • Twelve keep you. I, on the other hand...
    If opponent is weaker
  • I don't want to have to do this, but...
    If opponent is weaker


  • Totally called this. Astrologian thing. You wouldn't get it.
  • Guess I'm luckier than I thought!
  • That was... more fun than I thought!
  • I hope I didn't hurt you too much.
  • Perhaps the fates intend to teach me something with this...
    If HP is low
  • Thank heavens that's over.
    If HP is low
  • I was so worried...
    If opponent is stronger
  • Are- are you all right?
    If opponent is stronger
  • I didn't want this to happen...
    If opponent is weaker
  • The stars are crueler to some...
    If opponent is weaker


  • Knowing why doesn't make it any easier...!!
  • So it is...
  • I'm such a failure...
  • One who does not know victory can only be graceful in defeat...
  • Was I... supposed to learn something?
    If opponent is stronger
  • How can I be strong enough to protect my friends if I cannot overcome this...?
    If opponent is stronger
  • I deserve this...
    If opponent is weaker
  • The fates are humored today...
    If opponent is weaker

Character SpecificEdit

  • Vs. 8: I want to help, but not even I understand why the machinations of the fates would bring such pain...
  • Vs. Oavyce: You are not born of stars, but of the darkness betwixt them...
  • Vs. Ragnarok: I... I don't want to fight anymore...
  • Vs. Genesis: You... I WILL destroy you! I must! I HAVE to!
  • Vs. Eris: This... This is my destiny. I'm not ready. I'm not. But it's too late now.
  • Vs. The Embodiment: The machinations, they're...!!"
  • Vs. Keruziel: So, do you actually have legs?
  • Vs. Riyoku: There is something about your style that draws me...
  • Vs. Iae: An Iae! This is just a jaunt, right? Right...?
  • Vs. Reni: HECK.
  • Vs. Zadimortis: That power! There's no way...!?

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