Nora Favela
SC Nora
Japanese Name
Original Story Eyes of Magi
Age 18
Height 5'3"
Weight 115 lbs.
Role Marksmen
Weapon A Twig
EX Skill Fruits of My Life
Dissidia Calamitas Infinita NT Character


Nora Favela is a character in Dissidia Calamitas Infinita NT, originating from Eyes of the Magi. A young Magi born with the rare cases of having two glyph eyes giving two form of magic instead one. As most her young life been spend hiding in darkness from people or her Magi traits. Now awake to light and nature of who she search find her place in the world.


Young woman with long brown hair, with glyphs on each of her eyes and hexagon pupils. Her default outfit Awaken Light is simple white, ruin and and green stain dress, black cloak with a hood with pair black shoes.


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  • Alt 1:
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Playstyle: Nora uses two different types of magic, plant life magic causing her grow branches and bramble vines from her body but will take HP when using and Soul Draining magic, which allow her drain her opponent Brave and convert it to her HP but is unable to gain Brave from these attacks.
Move Damage Input Type Power
Branch Hammer Bravery Circle-button Ground
Plant Magic: Three Branches grow from her and twist together creating blunt weapon afterward swing horizontal in her direction. Attack takes 10% HP from her.
Soul Devour Bravery Circle-button Ground
Soul Magic:Begin drain away the opponents convert it to her HP until they escape her range or they enter in break status.
Bravery ↑ + Circle-button Ground
Bravery ↓ + Circle-button Ground
Bravery Circle-button Aerial
Bravery ↑ + Circle-button Aerial
Bravery ↓ + Circle-button Aerial
Bravery R1 + Circle-button Dash
HP Square-button Ground+Aerial
HP Square-button Ground+Aerial
HP Square-button Ground+Aerial
HP Square-button Ground+Aerial
Glyph swap Other L3 Ground+Aerial
Swaps between plant life magic, to soul draining magic.
Fruits of My Life EX Skill Triangle-button Ground+Aerial
Nora start screaming in pain as tree branches and bramble vines start growing from her body, create large area where apples and blackberries start appearing around her allow her teammates to restore health from the apples and brave from blackberries. However during her EX Skill Nora can't move or attack and will slowly drain her HP until EX skill is again.



Musical ThemesEdit

  • Main:
  • Battle:
  • Story:


Quotes Note
Thank you
I'm sorry
Before/After Battle
Change of strategy
Not leaving yet.
Try something new.
Show me how you fight.
That was a good fight.
Well done (to a specific character)
Response to thanks
Entrance Animation
Victory Animation
Victory/Highest score
Defeat Animation
Knocked out
During Battle
Summon Core
Targeting (line shared between all enemies)
Helping (line shared between allies)
Help me
Press the advantage
I must retreat
Something bad is coming
Please wait
I am ready
Ignore what I said
Running out of time
We're winning
Psyche up
Response to apology
We're just about to win
I'm going all out
Come to me
Go away from me.
Summoning DiAbOlOs
Summoning White bird
Summoning Lotan
Summoning Keruziel
Summoning Azazel
Summoning Ghost-who-was-Queen
Summoning Jeff
Summon Battle
Against DiAbOlOs
Against White bird
Against Lotan
Against Keruziel
Against Azazel
Against Ghost-who-was-Queen
Against Jeff
Against [Rival]
Character-Specific Encounter
Against Clair
Against Annabelle
Against Blade
Against Sorrow
Against Joy
Against Saturnius
Against Caesura
Against Solace
Against Sabik
Against Sorrell
Against Edna
Against S-Eyu
Against Ragya-Vara
Against Varcadia
Against Quinzua
Against Colt
Against Logan
Against Nora
No... I don't want to live in the dark again... Against Aldin
I don't agreed you views are right one. Against Kaia
Against Blood Lord
Against Amakir
Against Betty & Alice
Against Julian
Against Ava
I don't know should I take life of others for my own garden? Against Mother
Against Ellie
Against Alyssa
Against Iocus
Against Loeve
Against Inohime
Against Genesis
Against Concord
Against Reni
Against Iae
Against Evon
Against Card Plüss
Against Kaeber
Against Charleigh
Against Nam Mo
Against Noltia
Against Delta
Against Ruger
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