Stromya Again

EX Alstromya

Japanese Name
Original Story Kings of Strife
Age 20
Height 5'5"
Weight 125 lbs
Side Warriors of Twilight
Weapon Gunblade & Sword
EX Mode Freedom
EX Burst Evolved Barrage
Dissidia Calamitas Infinita Character

"A child with the Tyrant Eyes who has never seen the sunshine of a world without ruin."

Alstromya is a DLC character in Dissidia Calamitas Infinita, originating from Kings of Strife II. The only child of The Crystal Savior before he gave his life to save the world, she lives in honor of his memory, but shuns the fame that comes from being related to him. A little maladjusted and a lotta violent, she roams the Lower Lands, living life on the lam in the icy landscape and crossing swords with any who comes her way. Before long she meets Sanadus Sestrum and the two begin a journey to bring peace to the ruined land.

In DCI, Alstromya fights on the side of Twilight.


Alstromya has a striking resemblance to her mother. She is of medium height, with long straight violet hair and naturally red eyes. Her default outfit depicts her in a faded blue shirt with a long front and tail with two brown belts at her waist. On top, she wears a long white fur coat, and has tall brown fur boots. Alstromya's first alternate costume Silver Spectre depicts her in a basic outfit of tight black leggings, black snow boots, and a long black shirt, with her fur coat over the ensemble and her hair down. For her second alternate costume, Red-Eyed Slayer, she wears a long form-fitting black dress that opens beneath her navel to reveal a short white skirt. No coat is present in this outfit.

Her first DLC costume, Eternal Surveyor, depicts Alstromya in her normal attire with a long silver cloak over her clothes, to mimic her stint in the Eternal Corps. Her second costume, Princess Kornelia, puts her in a full-length lilac dress with curled hair and a wealth of gold accessories.







Epoch Swordmaster – Complements her dual swords with her control of the ruined earth's glaciers.

As the Epoch Swordmaster, Alstromya battles with a thin blade, a rusty old gunblade, and her own powers over the element of ice. By design she is a stance fighter that can excel at physical rushdowns or magical bombardment from a distance. In both stances she is speedy and has access to ice-related moves. Though she has an abundance of brave attacks and links to HP finishers, she is left wanting for standard HP moves, and has little in the way of defense. It is possible to exploit her speed and myriad of attacks to string together some of the longest and most effective combos in the game, but the combos tend to be quite intricate and can be very difficult to pull off.

Alstromya's two forms are Futurism, which uses her longsword and close-range ice attacks, and Retrograde, which uses her gunblade and her long-range ice attacks. She can switch between the two by pressing R+L. Her battle model changes slightly with each stance; in F. Form, Alstromya wields her sword in one hand and keeps the other at her side, and stands with a bit of a slouch. R. Form has her holding her gunblade with both hands, she stands at full height, and a slight ice-blue aura is visible around her.

Brave AttackEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained
Stalagmite Slash Ground/Aerial 20 (10) 75 Melee Low Chase Magical Initial
[Close] Alstromya summons two swords of ice and slashes forward with a short combo. If dodge-cancelled after the initial two hits, Alstromya will flip backwards and throw her swords into the enemy, staggering them into recoil.

Can chain into S. Ruin.

F. Avalanche Ground/Aerial 20 (10) 50 Melee Low N/A Physical Initial
[Close] With her sword, Alstromya rushes forward with a storm of quick and light strikes. The combo can continue for seven attacks before she kicks the enemy away. Bread and butter combo attack, but with a slow initial strike. Can chain into F. Link after the end of the attack or F. Chain if jump-cancelled.
F. Missile Ground 40 (20) 75 Melee Mid Guard Crush/Freeze Physical Level 28
[Mid] Alstromya runs forward, swinging her sword before jumping in the air and throwing the blade to spin in place of where she was on the ground. Holding the input button can delay the jump and extend Alstromya's running. The spinning sword can break blocks. An enemy hit by the rush before Alstromya jumps will be caught in the attack until it ends; Alstromya has her recovery frames in the air and lands next to the crumpled enemy. If canceled before the jump, can chain into F. Link or S. Ruin.

BRV to BRVEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Chains From
S. Ruin Ground/Aerial Melee Mid N/A Magical "Stalagmite Slash" / "F. Missile" / "F. Chain"
[Close] An extended combo with ice blades. Quicker attacks with longer blades and longer range. Can chain into S. Devastate.
S. Devastate Ground/Aerial Melee High N/A Magical "S. Ruin"
[Mid] Alstromya slashes forward (sweeps the enemy up into the air in the ground version) before impaling them with tens of summoned ice blades, then swings downward with a greatsword of ice to slam the enemy down and finish the attack string. Before the final greatsword hit, can chain into S. Accost or be HP-cancelled into S. Inferno.
F. Link Ground Melee Mid Chase (if no cancel) Physical "F. Avalanche" / "F. Missile"
[Close] A quick sword combo that sweeps the enemy into the air and can juggle them with well-timed input tapping. It is also possible to dodge-cancel this attack once the enemy is in the air and quickly restart the F. Avalanche - > F. Link combo, but this requires precise timing. Also, immediately after the enemy is swept into the air, this can be jump-cancelled into F. Chain, but the timing window for the activation of that attack is very narrow and precise.
F. Chain Aerial Melee Mid N/A Physical "F. Avalanche" / "F. Link"
[Mid] Alstromya swings her blade in a large upward arc, primarily hitting enemies below her and swinging them above. Very quick attack with little recovery that chains well into S. Accost, but can also chain into S. Ruin, or be HP-cancelled into F. Purgatory".
S. Accost Aerial Ranged Mid N/A Magical "S. Ruin" / "S. Devastate" / "F. Chain"
[Mid] Alstromya summons tens of ice blades beneath her and swings her sword below, sending the swords flying upward and at an angle into the enemy. The ice swords fly at different speeds, so an enemy caught by them will be left vulnerable for a short amount of time, allowing Alstromya to follow up with an attack. The downward swing can actually catch enemies below.

BRV to HPEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Chains From
F. Purgatory Aerial 60 (30) 150 Melee High N/A Physical "F. Chain"
[Close] With golden eyes and a Tyrant-induced frenzy, Alstromya bum-rushes the enemy with her sword and an ice blade for a ruthless combo that ends with her jabbing the ice blade into the enemy's heart. Very fast-paced attack.
S. Inferno Ground/Aerial 60 (30) 150 Ranged High N/A Magical "S. Devastate"
[Close~Long] Alstromya flips upward and slashes the enemy downward with a massive greatsword of ice. Before the enemy can reach the ground, she summons a huge field of ice swords to jut up from the ground, impaling the enemy a hundred times over. HP damage is only applied after the ice blades shatter and disappear after 3 seconds, so it is actually possible to dodge-cancel out of recovery frames and bring the enemy into another combo before they can be hit for HP damage.

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained
R. Seventh Ground/Aerial 20 (10) 50 Melee Low N/A Physical Initial
[Close~Mid] Alstromya quickly aims at the enemy with her gunblade and shoots (mid range). If it hits, she jumps towards the enemy and spins, letting out a barrage of bullets all around her. Holding the input button increases the range and speed of the initial shot, but removes the ability to attack again. If one dodge-cancels out of the attack before shooting in the air, her dodge animation will have longer invincibility frames, but Alstromya will not attack. All in all a very safe keepaway move. Can chain into R. Eighth.
Icicle Monsoon Aerial 40 (20) 75 Ranged Low Freeze Magical Level 15
[Long] Alstromya's eyes glow for a moment as she creates a large circle of ice and snow all around her in 360 degrees. The snowfield lasts for 2 minutes, or until renewed by repeating the attack. Holding the input button charges the attack; charging for at least 3 seconds allows a wave of stalactites to be fired in all directions once the ice-field is made. Any enemy that moves in this field has their movement speed halved, their attacks are more easily interrupted, and after being in the snowstorm for a full minute, they are inflicted with Freeze. If Frozen, enemies gradually take Brave damage until the field fades.

Enables activation of S. Shower when the enemy is stuck in the field and frozen.

Stalactite Storm Ground/Aerial 30 (15) 75 Ranged Mid Guard Crush Magical Level 13
[Long] Alstromya summons a long lance of ice that she soon flings towards the enemy. An enemy hit by the attack will stagger for a second. Holding the input button increases the length and speed of the missile; fully charging it makes the projectile cause Guard Crush, but removes the stagger property and instead causes recoil. Can chain into S. Shower during the enemy's stagger or S. Blizzard by jump-cancelling.

BRV to BRVEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Chains From
S. Shower Ground/Aerial Ranged Mid N/A Magical "Stalactite Storm" / "Icicle Monsoon"
[Mid ~ Long] Alstromya summons an arsenal of icicle blades that quickly rain down on the enemy from above. Great combo finisher.
S. Blizzard Aerial Ranged Mid N/A Magical "Stalactite Storm" / "R. Eighth"
[Close ~ Mid] Alstromya swings her gunblade in wide arcs, summoning a wave of icy blades to fly forward towards the enemy with each attack. The arcs can be aimed somewhat to change the trajectory of the launched projectiles. By charging the swings, the swords will be slower, but have higher priority and strength. The charged stance can also be dodge-cancelled into "R. Eighth" or "R. Ninth".
R. Eighth Ground/Aerial Ranged Mid N/A Physical "R. Seventh" / "S. Blizzard"
[Mid] Alstromya summons a portal of ice and shoots her gunblade into it rapidly. The bullets appear from a portal of ice near the enemy and hit them with great homing. If the input button is carefully mashed to match the timing of her default shots, the attack can be extended and the enemy will be hit from all sides. By jump-cancelling, this can be chained into S. Blizzard (up to a loop of two repeats); by dodge-cancelling towards the ice portal, this can be chained into R. Ninth.
R. Ninth Aerial Ranged High Guard Crush Magical "R. Seventh" / "R. Eighth" / "S. Blizzard"
[Mid] Alstromya rushes through a portal of ice, reappearing from a portal behind the enemy (up to a mid-range distance) and firing a great blast of energy from her gunblade. Very powerful and quick output; a combo finisher. Can be HP-cancelled into S. Paradise if done so before the blast of energy and after the teleport.

BRV to HPEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Chains From
S. Paradise Aerial 50 (25) 100 Melee High N/A Magical "R. Ninth"
[Omni] With glowing eyes, Alstromya summons a gigantic pillar of ice to immediately burst up from beneath the enemy, after which she teleports above it and stomps on the top of the pillar, crushing it and dealing HP damage.

HP AttackEdit

Move Type CP (Mastered) AP Priority Effect Damage type Obtained
Frontier Night Ground/Aerial 50 (25) 150 Melee High Guard Crush Physical Initial
[Close] Alstromya quickly slashes forward, sending the enemy slightly into the air. If it hits, she summons a handful of dark swords besides her and viciously attacks the enemy with both the ethereal swords and her own two weapons. Initial slash can inflict Guard Crush. Very fast output.
Nineteenth Heaven Ground/Aerial 50 (25) 125 Ranged Mid N/A Magical Level 44
[Mid~Long] Alstromya stretches her arms out for a moment, summoning a number of icy blades to materialize behind her. By holding the input button, the number of blades increases from a default 6 to a maximum of 12. After input, Alstromya has little recovery frames; the swords quickly fly to the enemy and deal HP damage if they make contact with them. Quick projectiles, mediocre homing.
Infinite Starlight Aerial 50 (25) 125 Ranged Mid Guard Crush Magical Initial
[Long] Alstromya raises her swords and they float, coated in any icy aura. As she opens her arms and her eyes begin to glow, the weapons levitate to her sides and let out long beams of pure energy. The range of the beams increase for as long as the input button is held, but the attack leaves Alstromya vulnerable. Somewhat long startup frames, but the beams have Guard Crush and can be curved slightly.

EX ModeEdit

Alstromya's EX Mode is Freedom. In her EX Mode, Alstromya fully accepts and masters her Crystal powers, and as a result she is engulfed in a light golden aura and her eyes grow ghostly orange. In addition, translucent icicle blue skeletal wings form behind her, gifting her with a new ability - Evolution of the Tyrant. This gives her greatly increased speed, more invincibility frames and distance traveled in all dodge animations, and the ability to glide in midair by holding X-button. She also gains the Frozen Touch ability, which imbues all of her attacks (that don't already have the effect) with a 5% chance of inflicting Freeze on each hit, as well as Evolution Eye, which allows her to instantly cancel out of any attack without any recovery by pressing R+Square-button. Each use of Evolution Eye consumes 5% of her EX Gauge, but the use of it cannot end the EX Mode.

Alstromya's EX Burst is Evolved Barrage. Alstromya starts the attack by attacking the enemy once with each of her blades before slashing them into the air with a third slash. Now floating with the power of her wings, Alstromya envelops the enemy within a tower of solid ice before coating and extending her swords with ice. She strikes the enemy's place in the tower with the powerful weapons nine times before moving backwards, spreading her wings to their fullest span, and firing a beam of pure frozen energy at the enemy from her empowered gunblade. If this attack kills the enemy, the tower breaks and collapses onto the enemy instead of simply disintegrating at the end.


Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Description
Fix-Er-Up & Rusty 50 Only by looking back can we move forward.
Freedom Strike & Red Frame 90 Which side of a coin is its true self?
Futurism & Retrograde 100 We can only be what we make ourselves.

Related AccessoriesEdit

Accessory Description/Effect Acquired
Wishes of a Queen The Almighty himself was once but a child. LUK+4 Shop, Duel Colosseum Lunar Whale Course
History of a King Even stars will fade away in the grip of time. LUK+4 Battlegen from the Savior Friend Card
Descendant's Desire N/A LUK+1 Battlegen
Descendant's Dream N/A LUK+2 Battlegen
Descendant's Hopes N/A LUK+3 Battlegen

Musical ThemesEdit

Rival BattleEdit



  • "Just another straggler."
  • "I can't believe you're serious about this."
  • "Another warm body to erase."
  • "Why are you here? Why am I here...?"
  • "Will I die alone?"
    If HP is low
  • "What a place to die in..."
    If HP is low
  • "I'm not afraid of anything."
    If opponent is stronger
  • "I am superior to you."
    If opponent is stronger
  • "What a waste of time."
    If opponent is weaker
  • "Destroy yourself for me!"
    If opponent is weaker


  • "How twisted."
  • "The victor gets to decide the fate of the world."
  • "Father saved you, and you still threw your life away."
  • "Shrivel up and die in the snow."
  • "It's... cold."
    If HP is low
  • "Disgusting..."
    If HP is low
  • "Do you fear me now?"
    If opponent is stronger
  • "I told you I am the future of humanity."
    If opponent is stronger
  • "Sacrifice... What a disgusting word."
    If opponent is weaker
  • "As it should be, don't you agree?"
    If opponent is weaker


  • "Can my screams be heard over the wild winds?"
  • "Beyond the time, lies..."
  • "Erase me. It's what she wants."
  • "Take my body back to Mother..."
  • "It's too late to save me, isn't it?"
    If opponent is stronger
  • "And this is my sacrifice..."
    If opponent is stronger
  • "Fitting."
    If opponent is weaker
  • "The future... hasn't arrived yet..."
    If opponent is weaker

Default SpecificEdit

  • Cynthia: "The life of a half-breed..."
  • Rain: "Interesting choice of a weapon, there."
  • Cinis: "I've only ever seen girls use that kind of weapon..."
  • Yuan: "A worthy fight. Come on!"
  • Kayle: "I really, really hate birds!"
  • Jessie: "It's not hypnotizing. It's just... weird."
  • Kasumi: "Fade or erase, escape or confront?"
  • Deryk: "Nice guys don't finish first."
  • Crono: "I know it wasn't on purpose... But I can't help from hating you!"
  • Jarkko: "Shave that neckbeard first, jackass."
  • Clair: "False, annoying, and worthless. Next."
  • Victor: "You'll have to grow up if you want to survive."
  • Vylinn: "Nobody is straight edge in my world."
  • April: "How can you rule over what you can't see?"
  • Akito: "Not interested, buddy. At all."
  • 0: "H4... But you were...!"
  • 8: "What do you know about cold?"
  • Noelle: "Diplomacy solves nothing."
  • Alice: "The light in you... It's there."
  • Ryuu: "Bloodlines, and written lines, blur well with time."
  • Coatl: "Feeling 'euphoric', aren't you? Pfft."
  • Gin: "As if I'd lose to a geezer like you."
  • Richter: "I'll be your secretary if you pay me. No touching, though."
  • Zane: "What a joke of a big brother you are."
  • Oavyce: "People like you really piss me off."
  • Insiminy: "Some people just can't be saved."
  • Avec: "...I hate birds. Sorry."
  • Ike: "How about I throw some ice over that mouth of yours?"
  • Nex: "Which one of you is the Blood Knight?!"
  • Nelo: "Now this is what I'm talking about!"
  • Hale: "Can't we work this out another way?"
  • Max: "Control comes with practice."
  • Sokutei: "Don't you think the time for research has passed?"
  • Selena: "There's no light inside you. I can tell."
  • Lance Knight: "What? Why are you wearing that?"
  • Seike: "You think I can't see your true intentions?"
  • Scarlet: "Destroy your weakness, and survival will come easily."
  • Meagan: "My mom would kill me if I dressed like you."
  • Fick: "You can't help them all."

Boss Specific Edit

DLC SpecificEdit

  • Megumix: "You're one of those obnoxious ones, aren't you?"
  • Chime: "The egg of an angel is still vulnerable."
  • Seraphina: "{{{seraphina}}}"
  • Reaper: "{{{reaper}}}"
  • Rose: "Wha... Where did you get that from?!"
  • Axarath: "Out of all the dudes here, you don't seem that bad."
  • Twins: "I always wondered what it'd be like to have a twin."
  • Taarin: "Yeah, nice try, bozo."
  • Ivy: "How's all that murder hanging on your conscience?"
  • Maximilian: "I'd bet a dolarov and a bullet I'm quicker than you."
  • Yala: "A freaky one, aren't we?"
  • Francis: "What are you, someone's sugar daddy?"
  • Guthmir: "Snore."
  • Alexandra: "What's there to believe in, really?"
  • Cynthia (TC2): "{{{cynthiaalt}}}"
  • Ava: "You're good..."
  • Ellie: "Aren't you a nice little suck-up?"
  • Viola: "{{{viola}}}"
  • Corvus: "Why haven't the Eternal Corps wiped the floor with you yet?"
  • Gluttony: "{{{gluttony}}}"
  • Lust: "Gross. Didn't you get uncomfortable?"
  • Greed: "Well aren't you all high and mighty."
  • Sloth: "Mkay, well, you just sit there and let me cut you up."
  • Envy: "Not much of me to envy."
  • Wrath: "{{{wrath}}}"
  • Pride: "Not my problem."
  • Mother: "Don't insult me by claiming to be my mother!"
  • Tannor: "Tell me why I shouldn't just kick your ass right now."
  • Jarek: "Ever seen rain crack ice? Yeah, me neither."
  • Weslei: "Whining doesn't get shit done, kid."
  • Avilis: "Wouldn't you and I make great friends?"
  • Loeve: "What are you the emperor of? Fools?"
  • Iocus: "...Impressive."
  • Azazel: "I've heard worse."
  • May: "Quit making fun of my accent! Everyone talks like this up in the Raised World!"
  • Acia: "You, a lot less impressive. Sand? Really?"
  • Alyssa: "{{{alyssa}}}"
  • Liam: "Hey, tell your friend to back off."
  • Zak: "Just try and touch me. Creepy asshole."
  • James: "Don't cut yourself on all that edge."
  • Concord: "I think I like robots better than people."
  • Nicolas: "I'm not even old enough to drink, dude?"
  • Idiza: "Mom says never to trust a lady who dyes her grey hair away."
  • Bolverk: "Yeah, yeah, whatever, grandpa."
  • Abel: "Where's Cain?"'
  • 0mega: "I'm finally starting to see what real power looks like..."
  • Inōhime: "Not doing much with all those swords, are you?"
  • Lili: "You smell like... tuna."
  • Remus: "{{{remus}}}"'
  • Xaras: "{{{xaras}}}"
  • Chieko: "{{{chieko}}}"
  • Hero: "I don't need you to save me!"
  • Kaliriya: "Sure wish I could sing..."
  • Maribelle: "That looks... fun."
  • Korem: "{{{korem}}}"
  • Keruziel: "{{{keruziel}}}"
  • Ruriko: "An overgrown bird, giving me orders? That's rich."
  • Draken: "Fight me or buzz off. Stupid bird."
  • Rodger: "Make me rich and I'll do what you want. Mostly."
  • Uiharu: "I'm not one of your buddies."
  • Vainia: "I see where Noltia gets, well, everything from."
  • Vik: "So you did always have the scar..."
  • Maria: "I knew it... You're not interested in me."
  • Alstromya: "I haven't mastered illusions just yet... So who are you?"
  • Sanadus: "Don't hold back against me anymore, Sanadus!"
  • Lilith: "No... Just, no. Sorry, but no."
  • Bunny: "Infinity doesn't exist, does it?"
  • Friend: "What about my star?"
  • Argence: "Resplendent indeed."
  • Ruger: "Let her help you out. Trust me, it'll work out well. Mostly."
  • Faye: "What I wouldn't do with a chest like that..."
  • Weir: "You remind me of the Scorned Dragon..."
  • Sanna: "Technology's gone too far."
  • Vier: "...You're pissing me off."
  • Redrum: "You think you're the only clever girl around here?"
  • Milica: "Do something about all this!"
  • Mint: "One of those "stay inside" types, eh?"
  • Divina: "Can you bring anyone back to life? Even..."
  • Maxwell: "Work on... [general gesturing] All of that."
  • Charleigh: "You know where I can find bullets around here?"
  • Celestria: "{{{celestria}}}"
  • Valerie: "Too rough around the edges for me."
  • Bris: "I'm not a child! I'm an adult!"
  • Noa: "Just keep climbing, kid."
  • Bishop: "{{{bishop}}}"
  • Linus: "{{{linus}}}"
  • Ts'yn: "{{{ts'yn}}}"
  • Klaytaza: "My heart... It's beating so fast!?"
  • Hoxic: "Tell me, which one of us really cares?"
  • Katja: "{{{katja}}}"
  • Reni: "{{{reni}}}"
  • Evon: "{{{evon}}}"
  • Rei: "{{{rei}}}"
  • Nam Mo: "{{{nam}}}"
  • Caesura: "{{{caesura}}}"
  • Solace: "{{{solace}}}"
  • Sabik: "{{{sabik}}}"
  • Zadimortis: "{{{zadimortis}}}"
  • Kaia: "{{{kaia}}}"
  • Artemis: "{{{artemis}}}"
  • Sorrell: "{{{sorrell}}}"
  • Hanji: "{{{hanji}}}"
  • Delta: "{{{delta}}}"

Story SpecificEdit

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